Assignment #7 – Chapter 1

In lesson two you expanded an idea by creating an outline.  If you have a work that you specifically want to work on please creat an outline.  Then expand the first chapter’s opening paragraphs.  If not then use one that you created last time.  Who, knows, maybe that will be the novel you will write!

He stood on an edge watching the many varied wings of his messengers as they descended to Earth to deliver the messages he’d given to them.  Since his creation he’d been the head of the messengers.  When it was time to tell The Virgin about her impending delivery, he was the one that told her.  He was Gabriel, the archangel.

To call him a male was inaccurate.  All celestial beings were neither male nor female.  Humans on the earthly plane have defined genders for the purpose of procreating,  but demons, angels, souls and God do not have a defined gender.  They do have a tendency to identify with one or the other, though.

Gabriel identified with the male gender so his hips were lean, his jaw slightly more square.  His chest and shoulders were broad and he had a muscular build.  A thick mane of blonde wavy hair fell down to his shoulders, and was the color of sun-dried wheat, and shimmered like gold.  His eyes were hazel and large, framed by long black lashes, and his skin was like fresh buttermilk and as smooth as a baby’s skin.  Like all angels, he didn’t grow any facial or body hair on his extremities or torso.  His wings were white, but with a glittering of gold that gave them a sort of glow.

Gabriel pursed his cupid-bow lips as he continued to oversee the sending of messages.  More and more of God’s commands were being ignored.  No matter how many signs the humans were given they continued to not see them as divine.  This, of course was due to them not believing, or because they expect God to come himself.  The arrogance of it was staggering.

It was like the story of the man who found himself in the middle of a large body of water who refused help from three different men in boats, saying “God will save me.”  When he drowned and went to heaven he asked God why didn’t he save him.  God’s reply was simple, “I sent you three boats.”

The story was a fictional representation of a very common problem  the angel had with the humans.  People the world round were doing stupid things saying “God will save me,” or “God will protect me.”  Secretly, they are really looking for undeniable proof that God exists.  What they fail to realize is that God will not be tested and any that chooses to, will learn quickly that he does not appear just because his chosen people think they’re due.

Deep in his thoughts, Gabriel was unaware of the angel behind him untill he felt a light tap.  He turned to find Cassiel standing there.  Of all the anges, Cassiel managed to look both serent and brooding at the same time.  Unlike human steryotypes of them, all angels were not blonde-haired fair-skinned cookie-cutter copies of eachother.  Cassiel, for example was dark.  His wings were half white with dark brown ends like eagle wings, and his hair was long black and strait.  His skin was sun-soaked bronze, and his eyes were so deep a brown that they were nearly black.  He was built like a guardian was supposed to be built; broad shoulders, well-defined muscles, stern jaw.  Everything about in screamed power.  Gabriel, however was a messenger, and although he wasn’t lumpy or pudgy, when compared to the other angel he looked scrawny and not nearly as imposing at half a foot shorter.  A lesser being would feel intimidated, but fortunately Cassiel was one of his closest companions.

“You are summoned,” Cassiel said with his arms crossed over his chest.

Gabriel nodded and placed a hand on one of his more trustworthy messengers, giving him instructions on directing the others in his absence.  When he was finished, he turned back to Cassiel, who hadn’t left after giving the message.  Since all celestial beings could move with a thought, it was curious that the guardian hadn’t already returned to directing the other guardians, which was his actual duity.

“Is there something more?” he inquired of his brother.

“I have been summoned with you,” was Cassiels only reply.

Angels, as a rule never lied.  They could avoid answering a question, or answer in a way to imply something not entirely true, but outright telling falshoods was stricktly forbidden.  Although normaly, such simple and abrupt answers would hint at something more, with Cassiel no one really knew.  His face gave nothing away, and it wasn’t unusuall for him to be abrupt in his speech.  That’s just how the guardian was.  Gabriel therefore, was left to wonder curiously as to why they would both be summoned together.

“Do you know why we’ve been summoned?” He asked after their thought slowed pace had taken them a ways.

“It involves the Guardians, that is all,” the taller man answered, “Your thoughts slow us.”

That was as close as


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