Vanilla Nut Cream

Today I’m sampling Millstone’s Vanilla Nut Cream.  It was selected for me by my son, and it will be my third Millstone brand coffee to sample since starting this.  We’re one for two on Millstone.  I purchased it at the same store I bought the Chocolate Velvet, and have hopes that it may redeem the coffee like the peppermint did.

I sampled it black and I have to say, it’s just as disappointing as the Chocolate Velvet.  There is a hint of nuttiness, but the overall taste is bitter, and not something I would consume more than a cup of if I had to.  It tastes better with sugar, but the taste isn’t one that would wow me.  I don’t know what it is.  Either these two flavors are just this bad, or there’s something wrong with the shop’s dispensers.

Milk is also an improvement on the coffee, but it was not pleasant black at all.  Again I was lured in by the aroma of the beans which was much like ice cream really, but translated badly into coffee.  The leftover milk sitting next to me holds more appeal than the coffee.  I’m not looking forward to drinking any more of this, and there’s still a modest amount of bean left in the bag for later brewing.  There’s more of the chocolate velvet, and if I remember right, it was worse than the vanilla nut cream.  There’s more coffee to sample from the two stores  I’ll have to try to compare what flavors and blends I can from the two stores, see if the taste of the VNC and CV are any different.  If they are I’ll be left with even more bean I don’t want.

About Cici Brown
I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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