Amaretto Blend

Today I tried Amaretto Blend, one of two remaining flavors that were in a gift box I’d received for Christmas in 09′.  There were many flavors and blends of coffee in the present, but that was quite a while before I decided to make this blog, so only the two had not yet been consumed before today.  The Amaretto is already ground, so no fresh coffee smell.  Ah well, onward to the taste buds! 

Yuck! I mean seriously, I thought these samples were good?  I’ve been drinking too much bad coffee.  This was bitter, and something in the flavor reminded me of alcohol, in a very bad way, like someone slipped rum or something in my coffee.  I’m not a lover of alcohol as a general rule and I do not like this one bit.  The aroma of the grounds suggested something of the sort, but I didn’t place it till actually tasting the drink.  I thought it was intriguing, certainly smelled different from the other coffees, but apparently it was a negative.

Sugar can make anything taste better, but it struggles with this one.  Maybe it’s an aftertaste that’s getting to me, maybe the coffee is just too old, but whatever it is, it doesn’t work.  Tastes different and yet the same as it smelled.  I don’t know, someone may like the flavor of this.  Still, ew!  I can still taste the Amaretto flavoring.

Milk fails to mask that flavoring, but with milk and sugar it has potential to be tasty.  I don’t know if I really prefer the taste though.  I wouldn’t buy anything else that says Amaretto if this is what it all tastes like.  I don’t think the coffee beans were good quality, and I can’t say that I’m surprised, coming from a gift box.  At least I enjoyed some of the other flavors from that present.  I just wasn’t in love with this one.

Now here’s an interesting tidbit!  Did you know that studies have shown that drinking coffee could decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by over half?  It’s true! Check out this article and see for yourself!

Link courtesy of “Coffee is Yummly” on Facebook.


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