The Itchy Ring

Every writer will tell you that there are certain things that they use to help them get words to a page.  Music is one, silence can be another.  It is really just dependent on the writer really.  I use a few things to help me, certain music generally, but there is one item I use for inspiration that is a bit unusual, but it really does work for me. It’s called my itchy ring.  One day I was thinking of making an unusual corsage and I thought maybe altering my arm corsage into something smaller, like a ring.  so I started messing around with wire and found that a band with two open ends didn’t fit my finger well, however I kept on thinking maybe if I made it big enough that it would wrap around a finger several times with the knuckle in the middle.  The end result was  a ring that was only partially done, but would go on my finger and did boarder my knuckle.

It was odd cause it almost made my finger itch.  In fact it did itch, but not in the scratchy sort of way.  It made my finger want to move.  I couldn’t quite figure it out, but the sensation was so interesting that I kept wearing the ring, and when I put a pen in my hand I was suddenly filling up page after page with words that made sense!

Now, ofcorse I also need to have some idea of what I want to write, and music still helps immeasurably, but with the ring, I have to tap the keys or have to keep it moving somehow otherwise I sit there with an “itch” that has me shifting in my seat or pacing a floor.

I find it so amusing though that I look everywhere for something that could help me to write.  I’ve even gone as far as wearing certain perfume and eating a certain food, all in the hopes of increasing the number of words I can put to page.  Well to increase the number of coherent words I can put to page.   Never once would I have thought to try a ring.  I didn’t make it in the hopes of inspiring my writing.  I made it and later after wearing it a while I found it was a useful tool.

Yes, it’s unusual, but it fits me.  Maybe that leather choker might inspire me one day, maybe a certain pair of earings.  Who knows maybe a belly ring will help me to write the next great novel! (I won’t hold my breath but it could happen)  I’m going to keep my mind open to the possibilities though.  I won’t go out and get a belly ring anytime soon, but I’m not going to discount it as an option one day.

I guess what I want to say is, if you want to be inspired, try something different.  Don’t just stick to what authors have told you, because what works for them, may not work for you!  I doubt Jane Austen would have found an itchy ring useful, but I did.  You may find music useful, or the sound of running water.  Maybe you’ll find a crossword puzzle inspiring, or going out and watching people.  Heck look under a rock even! I don’t care what it is, try something different, keep your mind open and be ready.


About Cici Brown
I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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