“Lies, all LIES!” – Frau Farbissina

Okie, as per my normal log in, I find that the spammers will find one post, and spam it relentlessly.  Haha!  My spam filter gets em’ all, and all I’ve got to do is click “empty spam” and blam! No spam!  Now, just because I make it so that I have to approve of comments doesn’t mean I’m going to be a hypocritical person and not allow a true comment, just because it’s a negative comment.  So far, no negative comments though. 

Speaking of people who can’t take criticism, I was reminded of my misbegotten youth today by a http://www.cracked.com article, or rather the comments on the article that claims that foundation for a drug free world is actually Scientology.

Let me explain, back when I was fourteen, I knew a guy on my local BBS that went by the handle Draven (as in Eric Draven haha) who I’d run into one day.  He told me about this place he worked at and asked if I wanted to come over for a visit.  It was a little walk from my house, so I agreed.  Thus I was introduced to the Wichita, Kansas chapter of the church of Dianetics and Scientology.

Over the course of a year or so, I’d taken one or maybe two of the lower level classes, and was informally audited by my friend just to see what it was like.  We’d discussed different aspects of the church during his breaks and to help pay for my classes I “volunteered” as a tutor.  Most of my information is from him, some from a few of the others at the church and a little is remembered from my classes.  I don’t believe I still have the books, though I wish I still did now for reference.

When I was fifteen, my family moved quite a ways away, and being that I had to walk every where, I stopped going to the church.  Honestly, I really wanted to get away from the harassment to take another course in which I would have to tutor kids to pay off.  It was daily “So, when are you going to take another course?”  Not to mention the grossly overpriced books featuring the face of a man long dead.  There were “New” volumes being printed, and I thought it was odd that the man who thought up all these ideas had been dead for quite some time, yet he was still spouting out ideas posthumously.  Not to mention that you were “donating” when you paid for a book or a course or a cruise, or auditing.  Last time I looked, even Christians who get a pretty bad reputation about being all about the money don’t usually charge for everything under the sun that they do for the community.

Anyway, the comment on the Cracked article led me to Foundation for a drug free america, and I browsed around a bit to see if the allegation was even plausible.  It is very plausible, although if it’s true they’re probably keeping it hush-hush.  Why do I say this?  It was very clear to me when I was in the church that drugs, any type of drugs from over the counter medication to prescription drugs and illegal narcotics, were not good for the body at all, and every member past a point were supposed to be detoxed and then abstain from them forever more.  All they are allowed are vitamines and auditing because they believe that all illness, colds, cancer, depression, autism, fibromyalgia, psychosis, headaches, etc. were all psychosomatic and could be cured by basically counseling the individual about the life experience or past life experience that caused it.

Yes, I learned about their belief that everybody has a soul and that each soul has had many lives.  Also, even though I was very low on the totem pole, I was also told the confidential truth that we all contained alien souls that were trapped on Earth.  I don’t believe Zenu came up, but really what did you expect from a man who made his living off of writing science fiction before he came upon these life altering truths and decided to share them with the world, for a nominal fee.  Look, even Christianity will give you their book for free if you are in desperate need.  You can go to their services, free of charge and hear someone reveal their sacred truths for hours, and all they ask is for pocket change, if you have it (though some do border on Scientologist-like harassment as far as offerings are concerned).

I”m reading a biography on LRH written by one of his former followers and though it’s still in his earlier years, I can see how events in his life would have influenced him into becoming the man he left the world as.  Hey, did you know that the “L” stands for Lafayette???  It was his grandfather’s name.  But seriously, all you really need to know is he was heard on numerous occasions by different people saying to the effect that to become rich, you should start a religion.  Believe it, or don’t, but most of the time I felt uneasy there, and that instinct never fails to be right.  Now on the other hand, if I don’t listen to it, that’s my fault.

I’m not saying that everything their church stands for is bull.  There’s some good common sense in the earlier stuff like if you don’t fully understand what a word means, that you will use it wrong, or end up getting bored with a piece of literature, and that if you look it up you’ll find you enjoy the work and understand it better.  Funny, but the two words that stuck the most were the words “a” and “an”.  You don’t realize it but can any of you come up with the definition of them without using google or a dictionary, remembering that a proper definition does not include the word or a form of the word being defined???  Another thing I got out of it is we as a people have become too dependent on drugs that only treat illnesses.  Most times the side effects of the drugs are worse than the symptoms they’re trying to mask.  Treating stuff like cancer and the cold like it’s all in your head is silly too though, and if you’re denying a birthing mother anesthesia, you better be ready for some noise from the mother cause that shit is more painful than men could ever believe, and I will repeat that it was a man who started Dianetics and Scientology.  Let me put it this way boys, imagine getting kicked between your legs, now imagine that fades a little and then starts back over in five minutes or so over and over and over, getting worse, especially when it’s time to bear down, now multiply the pain by ten,  and imagine you’ve got a pencil coming out your fifth appendage and you have to push it out using only your nether-muscles with the pain that comes back every few minutes until the pencil is pushed out.  Imagine the entire process takes a few hours to several days, depending on how lucky you are.  If you can imagine that guys, then you may have an understanding what it feels like to give birth without anesthesia.

I’ve totally gone off on a tangent there, haven’t I?

I want to read his older work though, just to see if he was any good before he came up with Dianetics and Scientology.  Maybe one day.  I still got to finish the Anita Blake series! Well, I’ve done my part to make the world more aware of what little I know about the world of LRH.  Here’s to looking forward to more e-mails from them since they still consider me a member.  I want to know how they come up with that too! Ah well!  Here’s to not being sued for posting this!


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