The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

We’re back, following Anita Blake in the fourth installment of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.  It was published by Ace books in 1996, but was also released in the anthology called The Midnight Cafe with the fifth and sixth books.  It’s 369 pages long and was set two months after Circus of the Damned.  I was not compensated in anyway for a favorable review, blah blah blah.  Can we move on? Yes? Yes!

So, Anita is back and she’s dating Richard Zeeman, junior-high science teacher and alpha werewolf.  Things are getting serious between them, the sexual tension is high, but they have to deal with the jealous attentions of Jean-Claude, and if that doesn’t put a strain on their relationship, Richard keeping things from Anita almost certainly will.  There are a lot of missing lycanthropes, and strangely, the shape-shifters are turning to Anita to help find them.  Edward is also back, looking for a couple of lycanthropes from a film, and Anita can’t help but wonder if he has something to do with the missing people.   All of the preternatural stuff she can handle, but that romance stuff might be the end of her.

We’re introduced to Raina and Marcus, the leaders of the werewolf pack, Jason, a new werewolf, and Gabriel of the wereleopards.  We also meet Gretchen, a master vampire created by Jean-Claude who sees Anita as a rival for his affections.  Our sexy meter has risen with the added sexual tension with Anita and Richard.  Things get close, but no premarital sex.  Jean-Claude takes a different approach to trying to win over Anita, though whether it will work is iffy.  We also get to see more of Richard’s personality, and he learns a few things about Anita.  It’s a very provoking book that shows you a less congenial side of the nearby police.  I enjoyed it, though we’re starting to see some of Richard’s darker side.

Well, I’m off to finish the next book, Bloody Bones! And lets just say, I’m mentally bouncing in my seat like a hyper five-year old…


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I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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