Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

Still just the tip of the iceberg in the Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter series!  This time I’m reviewing Bloody Bones, number five in the series published by Ace Books in 1996, and also published in the anthology called The Midnight Cafe with the fourth and sixth books.  It’s 370 pages long and set five weeks after the events of The Lunatic Cafe.  For those of you just starting to read this, the copy was my own (though not that cover up there, which was the original print) and I have not been given any compensation for a favorable review.  I feel like a broken record…

Anita has been hired by a firm to try to raise an ancient burial site that was unearthed at a construction site near the Branson area.  A lot of money rides on whether or not the bodies are Bouvier.  Shortly after arriving she’s paged by Dolf about a murder in the area and sent alone to help the local police in their investigation.  The welcome is not a warm one, and Anita is unable to pinpoint the exact type of supernatural being it could be, though she has no doubt that the perp is supernatural.  Later she’s called into another murder, a clear-cut vampire attack, but when a boy is abducted by an unusual vampire, Anita is forced to ask for Jean-Claude’s help.

So far, Anita has been dating both Jean-Claude and Richard now for several months.  Though we only see a brief glimpse of him in the beginning, it is apparent that the sexual tension is reaching its peak between Anita and Richard.  Though it was her decision to wait until they got married, she’s starting to regret it.  Now, I’d just like to add that a certain nameless book (See ) that tried to ape a scene in this one, lacked a proper reason for the forced celibacy.  We all know what Anita’s reasons are for the forced abstinence, at least those of us that have been reading since the first book.  If not, then you need to go read all the previous books and wait on this one.  There is no comparison between the two books.  With that said, back to the review!

This was the first book I ever read of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series.  I loved the horror aspects of it especially when she goes hunting for vampires at night with just a handful of cops as back-up and the sights and sounds are creeping everyone out.  LKH does manage to throw in some lighter moments into the book, like Jason (Yes, Jason is back in this one, but I won’t tell you more than that!) being his flirty self, or JC getting giggly drunk.  There’s nothing funnier than a giggling JC!  What I loved the most is how you see Anita and Jean-Claude’s relationship change.  Lets just say that it revved me up for the Killing Dance in more ways than one!

The sexy meter is gone into a PG-13 rating for damn sexiness, but the book as a whole is a solid R for blood, gore, and mature scenes of a sexual nature.  If you don’t have a strong enough stomach, I wouldn’t recommend reading this one.  It has some truly horrific scenes that are not for the faint of heart.  However, if you are an Anita/Jean-Claude fan, or just a Jean-Claude fan, you see much more of him in this one and you will not be disappointed!  You even get to know a little more about his life before becoming a vampire, and though it’s not necessary to learn, it helps to flesh out our beloved Master Vampire.  I would read it, and probably will many times just for kicks for years to come!


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