Updates, Cause I can (AKA: Bad Day Monday!)

Today’s is going to be a personal post.  I wanted to take a little break from teas, though I have several that I’ve already sampled and need to type up.  Still, I just wanted to talk about stuff this time.  There were a couple of points this month where I didn’t post when I said I’d try to post more, and I’ll get into that in a bit.  Basically this is my what’s been going on, what haven’t I been writing about that I said I would, etc. post.  Feel free to use this post as you alternative to Ambien.  I promise the only side effect is my tendency to have Zombie Dreams may be contagious over the net…I don’t know, but I thought it would be safe to put the warning out there.

First and foremost on my mind is my weight.  Yes I was going to keep myself accountable and yadda yadda yadda.  Well, I have been weighing myself every weekend the results are nothing to shake a stick at.  from 157 I went back up to 158.5 😛 and then 159.5 er! But today I weighed myself and I was down to 157.5 so… Who am I kidding my weight could hardly be considered bouncing at all as a person eats more than a few pounds in a day!  But I hope my massive tea drinking spurt may help me some!  The good ones don’t even need sugar! If you knew me, you’d know just how outstandingly amazing that statement is to me!  I used to drink my sugar with a little coffee or tea.  Okay, there’s one tea that I won’t really blog about and I’ll just tell you why, right now.  I tried the Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd. English Breakfast yesterday morning and afternoon.  Both times, I either kept it in too long or it just was that horrible when at full strength!  I kid you not, you could have driven over that tea it was so strong, and terribly bitter!  All the other teas I’ve managed not to over brew or something.  That is the very first one I’ll say nay to though.  I didn’t even try to bother with sugar or milk!  And so, my review of tea is now safely ensconced in this little post.  On to other things!

Lately, with PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and all their ilk going on, not to mention just bad days, depressing crap, and whatever else you could name, I’ve been spending my time throwing lightning at things on Star Wars and laughing my butt off at Cracked.com articles.

What kind of bad day you may ask?  Well, last week, we had a bit of snowy weather.  School was canceled that Friday, and Monday.  Roads were slick Monday, stuff was blowing around, and snow was drifting.  I ran a couple of deliveries thinking that I might be able to grab some milk and stuff from the local food charity.  My husband even half asleep said multiple times “Drive Safely” multiple.  So, first delivery I was going down a country road, snow drifts were a killer on it, but I managed okay until I’d thought that I’d gone too far and pulled into a drive just a little to get off the road and check where I was in relation to the address of my recipient.  I wasn’t too far, so I went to reverse out…stuck.  Okay, not too much of a biggy, I’ll just drive up to their house and surely I’ll be able to turn around and get enough speed up to get past the drift…I got stuck halfway down in another drift.  This person’s drive was awful with them!  So, I’m bouncing back and forth in the space of a foot if that, get myself partially turned and just flat-out stuck again.  God likes to look out for me though, and believe me, I was so grateful that he had a gentleman and his son drive by in their truck right at that exact moment, see me struggling, and came over and helped me push my car out of the snow drifts and back onto the dirt road.  I made that delivery without any more mishaps and am on my way to the next one, which is a town over when I realized that the food charity was about to close their doors, and I would be at least another thirty minutes getting to it.  So, I continued on with the delivery, and turned back down the highway to return to the greenhouse.

Now, I knew the roads were not entirely the best.  On my way to the second delivery there was a white car in a ditch from earlier in the morning.  On my way back I accidentally went too far to the side, overcompensated, and spun out.  All the while I’m going strait for the other ditched car, I’m praying that I can manage to stop before I hit the other car and that the ditch isn’t so deep that I kill my own car.  Again, that person up there loves me, I did not hit the other car and my car slid into the ditch quite smoothly and facing the proper direction.  Across the Highway was two houses one that had an occupant that saw me after I went into the ditch and invited me into her home, offered me a phone to call for help, a mug of hot apple cider and some pleasant conversation while I waited for my brother-in-law to come down and help dig me out of the ditch.

He was able to get me out, and the car was not harmed, though I popped the seal on two wheels.  Well, it was by then, time for me to go home anyway, I went to Subway and bought us all some sandwiches and while the guy was building a sandwich for my husband I commented on the size of the meat having gotten smaller.  Am I the only one that has notice this? I don’t think I am.  They started charging more for their sandwiches, and made the meat portions smaller.  Seems shady to me.  Well the guy knows me, and we got to talking about it, me not being nasty or anything, and him not in any way offended.  Then one of the other ladies that works there, a woman who is nine times out of ten looking like she’s made of lemons, and by that I mean the woman could be perfectly typecast as “the sour old lady”  she comes out and proceeds to tell me that as a part owner of the greenhouse I have no right to complain about stuff costing more, and also as a part business owner I should watch what I say.  The woman was getting pretty angry even.  Even when I told her that we worked hard to keep our flower prices pretty much the same as they were when we bought the place, she came back with “All I know is I can’t get a carnation for 50 cents anymore.”  REALLY???  I’m sorry but they weren’t fifty cents when we bought the place…I don’t even think they were fifty cents when I was in high school.  Could anyone tell me when Carnations were fifty cents?  Was this before my time, or at least before I joined the realm of the consumer?  In a nutshell she was comparing the  big corporations like Subway with our small business.  Whereas the greenhouse may raise rates prices on delivery and flowers because if we don’t we can’t cover our mortgage or pay our bills, companies like Subway will raise their rates so they can cut multi-million dollar checks for their CEO’s who probably wouldn’t even touch a sub sandwich.  The woman was out of line, and I was just in a bad enough mood to keep arguing with her a bit, though I didn’t yell or anything.  Still, it was very nearly the perfect end to an already miffed up day and it was juts the afternoon.

I believe something happened while I was out grocery shopping that night, but either I was just so mentally exhausted that I can’t remember, or it just wasn’t anything to really remember…oh yeah some **** tried to pull out in front of me as I was going down main street on my way home.  He had a stop sign but didn’t think that meant he had to stay stopped until it was safe to turn or cross the street.  That was it…well, just remembering all of it makes me want to get on my Sith, but my son is asking for help and we don’t allow him to be Sith so I must turn away from the Dark Side for now….

Remember though…they have milk and cookies….mmmm cookies!


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I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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