Japan Genmaicha Yamasaki

My next tea that I’ll be reviewing from the samples given to the Garner Greenhouse by the Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd. is called Japan Genmaicha Yamasaki.  The package reads: Light golden yellow liquor with a unique toasty rice flavor tending sweet.  A tea that creates a conversation.  Luxury Ingredients: Green Tea.

That’s hardly teaser enough, but I’ve only got a little time before bed, so it’ll have to do.  Salad Fork!

Everything it says about this tea’s flavor is true.  It tastes like toasted rice tea, and I don’t think I care for it much.  I was looking forward to a nice green tea, and I end up drinking rice.  I’m not even bothering with sugar.  I’ve not found a love for sugary rice, and I don’t imagine it’ll taste better in tea form either.  I’d like to note that I spied toasted rice in the tea before brewing, but it’s not mentioned as one of the “Luxury Ingredients”  Read into that what you like, but I hope the next tea will be better.

I’m not saying it’s awful, but I do not prefer the taste of rice in my tea.  Perhaps someone out there would find it interesting, and they can feel free to try it.  Honestly I just felt let down, and since the rice I spied in there wasn’t listed as a luxury ingredient, it makes me wonder what other ingredients have gone unnoticed.

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