YouTube How-To Videos and Duct Tape

I’m a lover of duct tape, though not nearly as insanely fanatical as some.  There are prom dresses and tuxedos made from duct tape, wedding dresses, corsages, wallets, cannons, boats, the list goes on and on.  There is almost nothing that could very well be made from duct tape, and certainly an engineer or two would swear by it being the fix-all of most things.  Mythbutsters even went so far as to see if it could patch a boat mid sail!  I will not deny that duct tape is pretty awesome, and now with so many colors and designs it has become a bit of a fashion statement.  So, it didn’t come as a surprise to me that people have been making dress forms, or dressmaker mannequins out of duct tape and some fillers.

I’ve always wanted to make clothes for myself, but unfortunately putting the cloth on yourself and pinning it is nearly impossible, and if I want to know how something will look before I sew it up I will have to figure something else out.  This became even more apparent after a recent project in which I used myself as a model since the person I was making the item for was many miles away.  Needless to say, at points my pins were poking into tender bits and it was not as fun as that may sound to some of you.  I had heard some talk of making your own dress form, but some of the forms of filling them didn’t make as much sense to me, until recently.  I found a video last night that showed  how to make it with an insulation foam.  It made sense, though sounds like it would take quite a few days in which to fill with the foam as it takes some time to expand and dry, not to mention that it can potentially be messy.  Well, I’ve decided I’m going to try this, but that isn’t the point of this post.  I decided to look into other people’s videos of making duct tape dress forms and compare them.  So, without further adieu…

You Can Make Your Own Personal Dress Form

First, I saw this.  It’s a power point presentation showing the process of making a duct tape dress form.  It shows which insulating foam brand worked better for them, and which one they had troubles with and why.  Now, although it has some good tips, sometimes the instruction flies by instantly after it has settled on the screen, causing you to rewind and play a game of cat-and-mouse with your pause button in order to be able to read what they put.  This isn’t just a single line you’re missing either.  The first time I noticed this was when “Continue wrapping tape around shoulders and under the arms.  Do not leave any holes making sure tape overlaps.  After form is complete and filled with foam, you may cut off arms at shoulder and tape opening.”  popped up for all of two seconds.  Now I can read pretty fast, but that is stretching it.  Considering the small notes on the foam lasted longer, I would have thought that the person that created the power point would have allowed for even more time on sections containing several sentences, but oh well.  Overall it was informative, and though the base and pipes used to hold the form up afterward could be substituted with materials that perform similarly, it was mostly successful in bringing across its message.  I wanted to see what other people were showing though, so I didn’t stop at just this…

Tish.TV DIY Duct Tape Dress Form

This was the second video I came across.  It was very entertaining, and managed to keep the viewer’s attention.  It’s filled with humor, and though obviously edited, it’s still natural.  Her personality shows through in every minute of the video.  They started out using what looks like the foam that the previous video says not to use.  Also they started by trying to fill the form from the bottom and before closing the holes.  Eventually they filled the form with newspaper then inserted the foam into airy spots that needed filled.  There is still some information to be had in this video, as well as alternate methods of filling your form.  I did watch their other video, the one mentioned in the beginning.  Basically, they used only one layer of tape and filled the entire thing with newspaper but didn’t put it on a stand or close any holes.  The form that they ended up with would be too flimsy for me so I didn’t include the video here though you can watch it and be quite entertained.

Duct (Duck) Tape Dress Form (mannequin) Tutorial 

Sort of in the form of a silent film, piano music included, the subject has a friend put colored duct tape on her.  This one wasn’t quite as informative as the others, though it shows the process start to finish.  You can hear the super sped up voices under the music, and the end result looks more like a dress than a dress form since there’s no neck and they don’t show filling it or putting it on a stand.  As I said, it does show the process from start to finish, though it is sped up 3-4 times normal speed, so you can see a better way of applying the tape as far as cutting the tape then applying it to the subject, however they also seem to force the duct tape to go where they want, and they also seem to make it really tight at the bottom.  They did use a dress instead of a shirt to get length so there are points of merit.  I didn’t dislike the video, but it isn’t one of my favorites.

How to Make a Dressform

Short and sweet, Thunderlily lacks what the others had.  There is very little instruction, you don’t see the process entirely, the end result looked forced, not to mention in the beginning the lip sync was painfully off.

How to Make a Custom Dress Form

A couple of tips to better design your form are given here.  It is informative, but lacking personality.  Not to say that is a requirement to keep my attention, just a pleasant bonus.  There is something to be had in this one, so I would suggest watching it.  It is also shorter than the first two, so for those of you with little time (why are you reading my blog again???) it would be a good one to check out, though I would greatly suggest you watch others to get a full range of ideas on your construction tools and how you want your assistant to go about putting the tape on.

There are other videos out there, but I’ve run out of time to watch them and tell you all about them.  Feel free to watch more, I will be until I’ve snatched my Step-Daughter to make this a bonding experience! Hahahahaha!


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