Research Makes It All Better!

Sunday was a day of writing.  At first it was all going well! I found a previous bit of work that I wanted to expand on and really work into the story and I was really making my hands fly over the keys, and then…Wait what is that stuff…You know, that stuff that people put on rags then put over the mouth and nose of another person to make them pass out….What is that stuff?  Thus started my day of researching stuff.  Would you like to join me on a short recall of what has had me in its grasp Sunday?  Join me and we will have a great laugh together as everyone else scratches their heads!

Well, I searched and searched, trying to just find the name of the stuff because I was totally having a brain-fart and couldn’t even remember that much.  I took a deep breath and wrote to all my Facebook Friends “okay…this is going to sound strange but can anyone tell me what that stuff is that kidnappers use on cloth to knock people out??? Trust me, I’ve tried to google it, but I’m having no luck…oh…and would anyone know how it would effect a person, beyond the normal anyway…”  Oh yeah, I didn’t look like I was planning something.  Not at all!  If I’d come out with my next research question after that I do believe someone would have wondered, but we’ll get to that.  After perusing an online copy of the script for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, I found the scene where he’s chasing down everyone that had a commemorative ring to see if they were missing a stone.  I don’t know why, but whenever I think of someone using Chloroform, I think of that last part where he soaks a cloth mid run and tackles the runner till he drops and I was hoping that by finding the written version they would mention the substance.  They did, and from there I looked it up to find out any details I could use to make a scene in one of my stories more believable.  I did, and was so happy to continue the story on.

Unfortunately there is another scene, and another series of events that could possibly involve some narcotics.  Back to Google I went!  This time I had only what I wanted the narcotic to do, and a vague idea of how I wanted it administered to my character.  The particular type of narcotic I was looking for was an aphrodisiac.  Did you know that there aren’t really very many that would be considered true aphrodisiacs?  To be considered a true aphrodisiac, a drug would have to increase sexual desire.  Viagra and similar medications aren’t considered true aphrodisiacs because they only effect blood flow and don’t necessarily have anything to do with the libido.  Now there are drugs out there that will make a person more sexually active over time, and there’s some speculation that some Parkinson’s medications and surgeries cause the patient to become hyper-sexual.  However, I was looking for a drug that when taken would cause the subject to become overwhelmed with need, and barely controllable.  It would have to be able to take effect in a short amount of time, and last a good amount of time once it does, also its effects would have to be guaranteed.  I know that there are medications that have increased sexual desire (blah blah blah) as a side effect, but does that come into play immediately, and being that it is a  possible side effect would make it undesirable because then there’s the possibility that it wouldn’t affect my character.  Then, there’s of course the intensity of the reaction.  I wasn’t seeing much as far as how intensely certain narcotics were effecting their users.  Now, date rape drugs would not be desireable because if the evil guy that wants to inflict this drug on the character just wanted her passed out he would continue with the chloroform.  Her being able to remember that it was him is not a problem to him, and her being responsive is at the top of his list.  So, I found myself stuck in an endless loop of looking at likely and very unlikely suspects for the drug I needed for my story.  I toyed with the idea of posing the question to my Facebook friends again, but thought if I started asking about that right after chloroform, someone would think I was up to something nefarious.  I was, but only to a poor hapless fictional character.  Honest!

Finally, after hours of searching and reading I finally read up on an experimental drug that was in development several years ago, but was rejected by the FDA because a small percentage of the men taking it saw an increase in their blood pressure, and it made some of the women nauseous.  Yes, you read that right.  Not the side effects, silly.  The drug was effective for both men and women!  In fact, if it had gone through to production, it would have been marketed to women.  What cinched the deal for me though was an article written by a gentleman that took the drug.  I could read chemical makeups and what the drug technically does to this or that cell all I want until I’m blue in the face, or have a headache, but until I could find a first hand account I wasn’t going to know if this drug had the believable intensity I wanted.  It did, and I found enough background on where and when it was tested, and so on and so forth, that I can now believably put it in the hands of the dastardly guy that’s going to inflict it on my poor character.  Her interaction later is going to change since the drug takes an average of four hours to actually take effect, but considering other drugs effects would be gradual over the span of days I thought four hours wasn’t nearly so bad a wait.  Again though, the window of opportunity is four to seventy-two hours, so her interaction is going to be interesting to say the least.

Well, I’m off to bed!  Wish me lovely dreams full of chloroform and aphrodisiacs!

About Cici Brown
I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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