Conspiracies and the Tanoan language in Taos. Any Takers?

Today’s post is going to touch on two subjects that some might not care to have put in the same boat, politics and Native American dialects.  I have an important question pertaining to the latter for anyone familiar with Tanoan, and more particularly the dialect spoken in the area of Taos and the Taos Pueblo would be most welcome to comment!  So, skip the next paragraph if your interested in helping, or if you can stomach it, read my rant about politics then read the other and decide whether or not you want and will help me.  Please please please help me!  I’m desperate!

I’ve been reading up on some politics and such and came across a few things that didn’t seem right to me.  Did you know that it’s against the rules to have a video camera at a caucus?  Did you also know that a person’s right to speak up at the county convention for selecting delegates can be voted away at the beginning?  My question is why?  Why can’t a person bring a camera to a caucus?  What kind of distraction is that going to be?  It’s not like you’re going to a show where they market DVD’s of the show.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but with the current political climate, I start to question just how democratic our government really is!  Lately you’re just damned if you do and damned if you don’t when it comes to voting.  Either you vote for the winning candidate and he helps to mess up the country more, or you voted for the other guy.  In the end, would your candidate have done a better job?  We’d all like to think so, but your candidate has just as much potential to mess things up as the other.  I didn’t vote the first year I could.  I already thought they were all hate-mongering boobs.  I was right, but because I hadn’t voted, I didn’t think I had a right to complain when things went south.  I’ve voted a few times, and each time I still wasn’t sure if the candidates I’ve voted for were the right ones.  I wasn’t interested in voting for the first black president just because he was black, I saw his inspirational speeches as a little too contrived, didn’t like McCain much either.  Damned if I did and damned if I didn’t.  I’m debating on not voting this year if things don’t go a certain way.   I don’t affiliate with either party and never had.  In the end they all turn out to be corrupt in some way, greedy for money, or power, or sex.  The world hates us.  Comments around the world slam us as stupid Americans, gun-ho for a war, wanting to get our mitts on other people’s riches, and we’re no better to each other, especially the government spending our money to bail out companies and banks that prey on the consumer while families lose their houses to those very same banks because of greedy real estate agents pressuring them into houses they can’t really afford.  I am filled with despair by it all!

Maybe a worldwide catastrophic event is just what we need to get back to a better world!

I was in a good mood and I really don’t want to lose that.  Let’s get off this subject, and yet stay a little on the subject since this next one has to do with a story that has a catastrophic event destroy 2/3 of the population.  I doubt I’d get an answer to this here, so I’m going to try to post it somewhere else as well, but I’m trying to do research and have forced myself into a corner.  One of my characters in a story I’m really serious about is Native American.  In fact I’ve narrowed him down to being from Taos, or at least his ancestry is from there and he later moved that way to be closer to his father’s people.  My question is he becomes a major player in a real game of divinity and upon being selected, he must give himself a name.  His realm is love, lust, passion and the like, but he’s not controlled by his passions.  I’d first thought to name him C’ȕnéna (if you know what that means you might be the person I need to speak to!), but I researched further and realize that I would’ve been making a terrible mistake!  So, what would he name himself?  I want both the translation and the Tanoan (with whichever dialect that would be appropriate) form of the name, but I’m unfortunately not so blessed as to be raised as one of the people.  My blood is probably too diluted for even the Cherokee to take me in.  If anyone reading this is willing and able to help I would be eternally grateful!

On a similar subject, there’s a scene that has been bugging me for a while now, and I just recently found my way to making it happen.  Anyone that writes will know that sometimes the best laid plans just don’t quite work out, and this story would be the epitome of that!  Of course, I’ve been working on this one for years, so it goes without saying that things would have changed.  The basic premiss of the story hasn’t changed, but I’ve since changed the antagonist, merged two characters into one, changed certain locations, and added new issues to deal with.  I went from having the attraction between two characters be uncomplicated to extremely complicated.  I went from having the main character fall into the arms of one guy, to having her avoid him like the plague.  I even changed one attack be a random happening to being a very direct attack that went horribly wrong!


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