Can You Guess What I’m Gonna Write Next???

Ah no…the romantic in me can’t pull away from this tumblr…  Don’t worry, I’m nothing if not predictable in my posts.  A few tirades, some day-in-the-life-of’s, maybe a review here and there, then interspersed with those, a couple DEAROLDLOVE’s.  You guessed it! I’m gonna post my own personal selections from the past couple of weeks of for all of you to read and feel as nostalgic as I am! Muahahahaha!  I know, I know, didn’t I just do one of these recently? Eh! I’ll try to forget about the site again for another six months, but I make no guarantees!  If you’d like, go check out the page for yourself, make your own selections, and feel the love…or hate, whichever you gravitate to!  And, if you want to see previous posts like this one, you can see them here, here, here, and here.  I do not own Dearoldlove nor claim any of the posts therein.

Trying not to Question

  • 7 hours ago

Almost lovers, then friends and long distance e-mail pen-pals, now chatting on Facebook… What are we now? I try not to question it. A sinking feeling tells me that we’re not moving towards what I want us to become.


  • 8 hours ago

In the story of your life, I hope I take up several pages.

How It Sounds

  • 9 hours ago

I know it sounds ridiculous. But I actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.


  • 1 day ago

Your twitter handle is conceited and everything you say is asinine. I’ve unfollowed you, and hopefully my heart will do the same.

No Next

  • 1 day ago

I’m worried that there will never be a “next time” for us.

Either, Or

  • 1 day ago

Either you wrote that “Dear Old Love” for me, or my heart, though happily in the hands of another, wishes you did.


  • 2 days ago

The thing I most resent you for is not letting me make you chicken soup when you were sick. It was so selfish the way you always tried to be the strong one and never crack. I could still see your cracks even when you tried to hide them and they were what I loved. I hope someday you can figure out that is what love, and happiness, is about.


  • 2 days ago

That’s what your headaches are, you know. Punishment for not having sex with me. I’m the ultimate pain reliever, and don’t you forget it.


  • 3 days ago

That’s what you said; you said you’d still love me and still be with me even when I’m old and gray. Funny how things change.

Not the First

  • 4 days ago

I’m sure I’m not the first to feel completely broken over you.


  • 4 days ago

Having to see what you’re listening to on Spotify is one thing. But when you “star” my favorite song, it makes me wonder if you miss me.


  • 4 days ago

I wish I could extract all my fantasies with you from my head, so you could see how amazing our life together would have been.

Wish List

  • 4 days ago

The only thing I want for my birthday is for you to remember it.


  • 4 days ago

I keep thinking of what I want to text you. I need it to be short and to the point but also show you that I am sorry without actually having to say it.

Social Mediated

  • 5 days ago

Why can you be Facebook friends with your other exes and not me? Why don’t we follow each other on Pinterest or Twitter? Is it because I mattered less? Or more?

Or Something

  • 5 days ago

I always find myself talking about you to other people. Then when I realize that I’ve been rambling on about you for too long I panic. Because I worry that one day someone will ask me if I’m in love with you or something.


  • 5 days ago

Just give me a tiny indication that you want me to be part of your life again and I will gladly oblige.


  • 5 days ago

When we broke up, the one thing you asked of me was not to be a slut like I was when we had a two month break, in that I kissed two people. I would love to see the look on your face knowing how many people I’ve slept with now, you judgmental prick.


  • 5 days ago

I’m perfectly able to hold my own hand but I still can’t kiss my own neck.


  • 6 days ago

I really need you to disregard my feelings and just fuck me.

Can’t Decide

  • 6 days ago

I can’t decide whether my inability to cut you out of my life is because I love you or because I hate me.

F This

  • 6 days ago

I miss you. I want you. Fuck this. I’m getting you back.


  • 6 days ago

The last time we had sex was a bit of a disaster. It didn’t do us justice. Is it crazy that I think we should redeem ourselves one last time?


  • 1 week ago

I feel damaged when I think of you.


  • 1 week ago

The man I left you for has a smaller dick and it is starting to make me question my choices in life. (XD)

Lesser Hurt

  • 1 week ago

You hurt me, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was only because you were avoiding giving us both more serious injuries.

I Know What I Said But

  • 1 week ago

I know I said I’d rather be your friend than your nothing, but I’d much rather be your everything than your friend.


  • 1 week ago

I looked at what you wrote in my yearbook. It was heartfelt and real. I have nothing but good memories from you but I wasted our chance and I’m sorry.


  • 1 week ago

I noticed your new girlfriend posting on your wall about this “great new movie” called the Labyrinth. Offbeat 1980s movies were our thing. I hope you fall in the Bog of Eternal Stench. (smelllll!!!!!!!!!!)

Spelled Out

  • 1 week ago

I know I could never tell you how I really felt, but I spelled it out on your bare back every night as you were falling asleep

Perfect Plan

  • 1 week ago

Two years after we broke up, we had sex again, and it was everything I’d missed. Then you told me you slept with me to make me hate you. I hope you know it didn’t work, and now I’m just more in love with you than ever. (Wait…what???)

Ignorant Bliss-ish

  • 1 week ago

I wish you had never kissed me. Maybe then we could have continued being friends, intentionally ignoring the sexual tension as we always did. I can’t look at you the same knowing how much you loved me.

Reminder Box

  • 1 week ago

Today I found the box of things that remind me of you, that I used to open and fall to the floor in tears. Now I look through it and think of how diluted our love was and how little we actually cared about each other. Turns out breaking my heart was the best thing you ever did.

Better Friends

  • 1 week ago

We were so much better as friends.  Falling in love was our downfall. For four years we clung on, in hopes I could get my best friend back. Now you’re with someone else, and I’m still without my best friend

Do Me Wrong

  • 1 week ago

I honestly wish you would’ve done me wrong in some way. But you haven’t. You just left, and I can’t hate you for that.

So Anon

  • 1 week ago

My note to you is plain and simple: I miss you. I just wish I could tell you in real life rather than submitting it to a blog.


  • 1 week ago

I’m sorry I was horrible when you were nice and wanted me, now your horrible and don’t want me and I’m nice and want you more than ever. Can we switch back? I liked that better.


  • 1 week ago

Honestly, the whole thing was worth it for my post-breakup promiscuity rampage.


  • 1 week ago

I just want to be sitting on your porch, listening to you sing along to your favorite songs as the night dies down around us one more time.

Truth Being Told

  • 2 weeks ago

You stopped texting me back today because you said I was being “weird”. Truth be told, this is just who I am when I don’t need you anymore.

Just Waiting

  • 2 weeks ago

I wonder if you knew, all those times I was in between relationshiops and we would make creme brulee together, that I was just waiting for you to kiss me.

See My Blog

  • 2 weeks ago

I started a blog, saying all of the things that I want you to see. You probably never will… but I want you to know I will never stop loving you.


  • 2 weeks ago

I found your old letters today. They make great confetti.

Too Dreamy

  • 2 weeks ago

I read some of these posts and start to wonder if maybe it is you writing these things… But then I remember, that is much too dreamy to believe.


  • 2 weeks ago

feel when you’re online.

Only Dear

  • 2 weeks ago

Actually, you’re not my Old Love. You will be always my Love, you can’t be Old, only Dear


  • 2 weeks ago

I’ll guarantee: You’ll never find someone who will love you as much as I do. Never ever. So you’d better go out with me again and give me the chance to tell you this.


  • 2 weeks ago
To all my old flames: You’re all douchebags. I just wish I was brave enough to tell you that to your faces. (hahaha!)


  • 2 weeks ago

I simply think of you often.


  • 2 weeks ago

Often I imagine being with you when I masturbate, but when I am finished, I’m relieved you’re not there.

Exact Second

  • 2 weeks ago

Sometimes I wonder if you are ever thinking of me the exact second I’m thinking of you, and if for a moment our thoughts meet somewhere in between.

Still Yours

  • 2 weeks ago

You told me you didn’t deserve me.  And guess what, you’re probably right.  But everything I am is still yours, so what are you going to do with me?


  • 2 weeks ago

You said these feelings were like a drug.  So why did you have to make me go cold turkey?


  • 2 weeks ago

Often I think I’m over you, and I congratulate myself until I realize… in order to think about not thinking about you, I thought about you.


  • 2 weeks ago

When he told me his ears were his turn-on spot, I couldn’t help but think that they were yours, too.

can’t decide

  • 2 weeks ago

every so often you strike up a conversation, apologize for the past. pretend you give a shit. i can’t decide if i’m angry or glad you won’t let me forget you.

Don’t Look Me Up

  • 2 weeks ago

As much as I appreciate that you’ll never forget about me, sometimes I wish you hadn’t looked me up after all these years so that I could remember you as the gorgeous baseball player you were rather than the chubby construction worker you are now.

Truth Is

  • 2 weeks ago

The truth is I do miss you. I want to know how you’re doing, why you still have me blocked on Facebook, and when the day will come where you no longer hate me.


  • 2 weeks ago

I’ve finally met another woman with your beautiful, unbridled laugh; the one where you smile ear-to-ear and throw your head back into the pillow. I’m excited, because she doesn’t think my humor is stupid.

Come & Get It

  • 2 weeks ago

I’m thinking of telling you to quit texting me and emailing me. If you want my attention, damnit, come and get it. Stop fishing for it.

No Glitch

  • 2 weeks ago

The reason you keep following me on twitter isn’t a computer glitch. Its because I remember your password and I want you to see how happy I am without you. (hahaha)

No Shame, No Gain

  • 2 weeks ago

You shamed me until I hated myself enough to change. I’m a new person now, a new me that you created. I should thank you. People love the new me.

Still Mean It

  • 2 weeks ago

I meant every single “I Love You” I ever said to you then. I still mean them.

Hope I’m the One

  • 2 weeks ago

Even though we have both moved on and are in loving relationships with people who make us happy, a part of me will always hope that I am the one that got away.

Don’t Answer

  • 2 weeks ago

Apparently, replacing your name with “Don’t Answer” in my phone really means “Respond Right Away.”

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