Divinity Games: Shirt-bound

Not exactly sure what chapter this is yet, but it must be made digital, because I’m not going to loose this scene.  I’ve been sitting with this in my Drafts for forever and decided I needed to air it out.  I’m even going to take the password off of it for a little while *gasp!*.  Warning, it does have some sexual themes in it that are not appropriate for anyone under the age of eighteen (or whatever age is appropriate for those things. Use your good judgment.) If you are offended by those types of things, I would suggest you not read this.  You have been warned.

“Where are you going?” I asked in alarm.

His crystal clear blue eyes blinked at me.  “I think if we’re going to hide out here for the next few days, we might want more than the vitamins in my medicine cabinet.  My kitchen wasn’t very well stocked when I left for the convention…”

I rushed over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing close.  “Be careful out there.” I said fiercely.  He hesitated a moment before wrapping his arms around my waist and returning my embrace.

“Always,” he said quietly against my hair, a world of tender feelings barely contained in that one word.  It caught my breath with it’s intensity.

I slowly pulled my head back, looking at him from a scant few inches, a weighty feeling beginning to bloom in the center of my chest.  He’d saved my life, in fact had always seemed willing to help me dispite the tension between us and my tendency to barely be civil to him.  Could he actually be as attracted to me as I was to him?  Is it possible that somehow he’d managed to develop tender feelings for me?  As he held me close, chest to chest, thigh to thigh, I had to know.  I leaned my face in.  Slowly, so slowly I touched my lips to his.  As far as kisses go, it was short, chaste, but was it my imagination that his lips seemed to respond?  Did he seem to hold me tighter, or was I just fooling myself?

I leaned in and pressed my lips to his a little longer, my lips beginning to tingle and swell.  I lingered there sliding over his lips reveling in the feel of our flesh coming into contact for the first time since that one brief kiss at the con.  His hand caressed up my spine, the other one holding me to him behind my hips, his fingers splayed and firm.  He tilted his head so that he could feel more of my mouth.  As I pulled back again, his hand combed into my hair and cradled me at the back of my skull.  His eyes had grown shaded with the beginnings of desire, becoming almost as dark as the deepest part of the ocean and those wide lips were wet and inviting .  He was holding back though, and it made me want him more, knowing that he would let me call the shots.  This time, it was up to me to further the contact.  This time, the drug was no longer in my system preventing me from resisting an already unbearable attraction.  I could say no, but at this moment I had to have this, with him.  I needed it not just to banish the memory of what had recently transpired, but because I couldn’t let him leave without making my true feelings known.

This time when I pressed our lips together, I opened to him.  As I began to explore the opening of his mouth with my tongue, his was there to meet it.  At first it started out tender, the way first kisses tend to be.  We mutually explored each other, finding sensitive spots, our hands roaming over each other, becoming more familiar with the form of the other.  Eventually though, our mouths became more hungry for each other, like he’d feasted on me  before, and been denied for a long time.  I reacted to that need as if I too had been denied him for years.  Even though I was sure that I didn’t know him before the convention, there was something in that kiss that was so achingly familiar, and intoxicating.  My body began to tremble with tension as his hand followed the curve of my hip down to the globe of my ass, using it to pull me into his groin, and the hard lump there.

I cried out and he devoured a line down my chin to the curve of my neck.  His hand was caressing down the back of my thigh, lifting it up and encouraging me to wrap my calf around his narrow hip.  His long fingers stroked just inches away from the sensitive lips of my labia, and I began to undulate my whole body against him.  The feel of his fingers so close to my uncovered sex was amazing!  I tried to move in such a way that he’d stroke just an inch or two closer and touch that aching wetness, but his hand stayed where it was.  Meanwhile, he’d found the soft curve of my neck and was assaulting it with teeth and tongue.  I couldn’t voice a single thought under his assault.  All I was able to do was fill the room with my inarticulate moans.  My hands caressed down his shirt, then stroked underneath it to his smooth hard chest.  I brushed my thumbs over his nipples, which had already started to pebble, and he flexed himself into my pelvic bone in response.  I wanted him more squarely between my legs, but he was just a hair too tall for me to be able to angle properly.  I massaged the muscles of his pecks as he stroked his hand up the length of my thigh and followed the curve of my hip up my waist and ribs until reaching just under my breast.  He cupped the globe through the shirt, making the cotton scrape against my pert nipple.

I was melting under the assault of his mouth, the heat of his tongue as it soothed the scrape of his too sharp teeth.  Then, he’d suck at the skin bringing my boiling blood to the surface, and it nearly undid me entirely.  My hands continued to caress his smooth chest as he grabbed my hair firmly and used it to turn us around so that he could press me into the closed door.  I arched into him, and he used his hip to thrust squarely between my legs and up, forcing me to my tip toes.  He was so solid under the denim that it was nearly painful, but it was a kind of pain that left me wanting more.  We groaned together, my nails involuntarily digging into the flesh of his chest.  He grunted and paused a moment, lifting away from my neck just enough to breathe onto the wet skin and caused goosebumps to form on the surface.  I must have dug in a little more, because he sucked in a hissing breath and bit down on my neck, hard.  I ground myself into the front of his pants, the rest of my body twitched with the heady mix of pain and pleasure.  A low moan from deep within my throat reverberated off the walls as I trembled under him.

His teeth let up as he snuck his hands underneath the hem of the shirt and slowly raised it up, trailing a fiery path up my sides with his fingertips.  I raised my arms as he neared the curve of my breasts, and my heart skipped a beat or two when he grazed the outer curves of them with the rough pads of his thumbs.  As he began to move it up over my head, the shirt caught on my nose and just below my elbows.  Instead of pulling it free though, he tightened the sides of the shirt around my wrists and twisted it back behind my head, bringing my arms with it.  My heart surged in my chest, and my breath huffed out in exited little bursts.

Without warning, his mouth latched onto my breast.  He fed at it more voraciously than a starving tiger, suckling and biting at the nipple.  When it felt as if he had nearly abused the sensitive flesh too much, he moved to the other one, sucking it almost all the way into his mouth before biting at the base.  As he rolled my breast around in his mouth, his free hand came down to kneed at the other.  His mouth pulled strait out from my chest, stretching the nipple to almost twice it’s length before releasing it with a loud “pop!”, then he teased the tip with the calloused pad of his finger, while his mouth sampled the other globe again.  Almost unnoticed, his hand trailed down my ribs, splaying over my stomach and gently exploring it’s plains and curves while his mouth savagely devoured my breasts.  A feather-light touch traced the circle of my navel before making a curved line down the rest of my abdomine and to the mound of my pelvis.  That long, thick finger speared through my slick folds and entered me before I had time to draw a preparing breath.  He wiggled the finger around deep inside, drawing out a low moan from me that seemed to growl out from deep within my chest.  I tried to grit my teeth against the pleasurable sensations, but then he started thrusting in and out and I nearly screamed in pleasure.  His mouth blissfully left my breast to move back up my neck and chin until he reached and claimed my mouth again.

I could feel myself soaking his hand as he continued to manipulate me.  He stroked inside, finding that spot with the tip of his long finger and brushed over it over and over.  My arms struggled to be released, to hold him to me as I felt the liquid pressure of my orgasm racing closer.  He held them firmly as his strokes gained in tempo and pressure, over and over.  I arched my back as I kept rising, moaning at the exquisite sensations.  I was full of tense need, struggling against my bonds, and the building pressure in my womb.  He didn’t stop, didn’t slowdown, just kept a steady pace as he slid over that bundle of nerves deep inside my sex, adding more and more until I hit the prespice and shattered in his arms.  My mouth was torn away from his by the force of my orgasm, my whole body spazming while I rode the crests of wave after wave of bliss.  I could feel him continue to stroke my quivering pussy.  It was too much, far too much pleasure for me to withstand so soon after orgasm and I jerked and struggled, my whole body seizing as his thumb rubbed against my ultra sensitive clit.

“Please,” I pleaded against his neck, “Oh God, please give me a moment.”

He chuckled, but he removed his hand and released my arms.  I dissentangled myself from the shirt, tossing it away from us and snatching his hand before he cold wipe it on his jeans.  My heart was still racing, but it lurched as I pulled his hand to my mouth and slowly sucked his soaked middle finger into my mouth.  My eyes stayed on his as he watched awestruck  as I licked the creamy, salty taste of my own juices off of it.  They closed momentarally, looking almost pained, then opened again filled with a look so full of hunger and longing that I nearly became breathless.  I let his hand go, and he plunged it into my golden curls, grasping me by the back of the head and claiming my mouth with the same desire.  Filling me again with longing, and igniting a need in me to be claimed.  How in the world could he not be using magic?

“How do you do it?” he groaned against my lips, “Only you make me loose all control.”

I trailed a path of kisses down his chin and neck, pulling up his shirt as I did so.  “Think I’m the one with control here?” I said nipping at his collarbone, “You’ve been driving me crazy since you walked up to my booth.”

He chuckled as I pulled his shirt free of his head and tossed it asside.


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I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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