I’m Alive! I Swear!

Just thought I’d take a look at my page and wouldn’t you know, I haven’t hardly done anything on my writing blog! Imagine that. But we all knew I was a slacker, right? Besides, I have my reasons! Well, okay I didn’t have an excuse till November but before then I had been handwriting in a notebook. But here I am leaving you all with something to prove that I am in fact still alive. Pardon any punctuation or odd words, I’m doing this on a phone.
I finished 1NS and fully intended on posting it! I just have to find all the pieces… Bad Cici bad! I also have another story idea, and a new angle to work on other stories that were being neglected like a red-headed step-child.
As far as writing is concerned, that’s about it. My new idea happened during NaNoWriMo and also at the same time that my schedule got crazy busy! Of course I didn’t finish. What do you think I am, motivated? Besides, there was that other thing…
What you may ask? Well, I started nail tech classes at LaJames! I absolutely love it! I even started a separate nail blog called ADHOhShinyNails! (link may be bad cause I can’t remember the address) which gets as updated as much as anyone that has followed me here would expect. Infrequently. The class, coupled with work and the past month of going in early leaves me with very little free-time. It’s not a long program, and this thing about going in early will only happen for about a month more. We just gotta hang in there for now.
On the bright side, because I’ve been gone so much, Jarred mentioned that we should get a phone plan together so he can send me pictures of stormtroopers. Just FYI for anyone confused about how I can have a phone but not, the phone I’m using now doesn’t have a service plan. However, it can connect to WIFI which allows me to make this post while lazing in bed. Ah laziness!
I hope you are all well, and if I don’t post before then, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, or whatever Winter Holiday you may observe! See you all on the flip-side!


About Cici Brown
I'm a happily married mother of two and a half. I'm usually pretty bubbly and in some cases, according to my husband, too open about everything. I am and always will be a gamer geek, though I haven't table-top roleplayed for many years. I still manage to hit an MMO or two. My interests include most things geek and Vampire fiction, though not the sparkly kind, that's not vampire fiction. I have goals towards publishing that have yet to be fulfilled but one day...

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