Rewarding Loyalty2: 1NS

***MAJOR DISCLAIMER*** What you are about to read is the continuation of 1NS pt.1 that I wrote and posted over a year ago.  I found the pieces of it and am completing it as we speak.  This is not appropriate reading material for anyone under the age of 18!  Some inappropriate language is used, and depictions of explicit sexual activities between two relative strangers occur in a semi public place.  This is a work of fiction, a bit of fantasy if you will, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.  I do realize it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, if this is the case, turn away now before your minds are corrupted!  By pressing the read more button, and or continuing to read this post you are agreeing to the fact that you are indeed over the age of 18 and not easily offended by any of the above mentioned things therefore waving all right to complain and or get angry.

Thank you all, and enjoy!

Our little corner seemed pregnant with the sound of our breathing as I slowly pulled the zipper of his fly down. Once I had the button free, I felt the front of his briefs. He was delightfully warm, but his member had slipped to the side of his jeans, leaving me with the initial impression that he was much smaller under his clothes than the bulge had suggested. However, after stroking down his abdomen and finding his root, I explored his length nearly up to his pelvic bone, and felt my mouth water. As I straitened him, his cock came up well past where his belt and waistband would have been.

“My my,” I breathed as I wrapped my hand around his impressive shaft, “I hope you have a helmet for that, soldier.”

He laughed a little and nodded. “A good soldier always carries a cover for his gun.”

I squeezed him a little tighter, drawing out a groan from him. “You need to keep a cool head. I won’t like it if you fire prematurely.” I stroked him a few times, listening as he breathed in through his nose then out his mouth a little shakily. It seemed he was already having control issues, and though I’d rather know what I was doing felt good, I’d hoped that he could hold out a little longer than this.

As I was about to mentally resign myself to another unfulfilling encounter he leaned in and brushed his lips over the lobe of my ear. “Say the word, Ma’am. I won’t shoot till you give the order.”

I squeeze him a little more, smearing a little moisture over his head. He wasn’t as thick as my ex, but he sure had him beat on length. I almost wanted to hop on top of him right now and ride that rod the rest of the night. Instead, I pushed him into the door then started to peel his jeans and underwear down his scrumptious thighs and knelt between them.

From root to tip, I ran my tongue along the vein at the middle of his shaft. His skin was salty from his sweat, and smelled slightly musky like what I’ve come to associate with male arousal. When I reached the hood, I circled it with the entirety of my mouth then lowered down, taking his full length in. His hand came up and caressed my hair as I took as much of him as I could, then pulled up to run just a little bit of teeth over the sensitive helmet. He twitched under my hands as I ran my saliva down the rest of his length with one hand. I cupped his balls with the other, rolling them gently. He groaned a little when I let a finger slip back and caress that spot between the sack and his anus. In fact, he seemed to get a little bigger and harder in my mouth as I applied a little more pressure to it. Letting him fall out of my mouth for a moment, I generously moistened my finger then circled it around the puckered opening of his ass.

His whole body tensed. Then, as I licked up his length his hips flexed involuntarily into my mouth. I kept my finger where it was as I circled his head with my tongue. As I slowly mouthed over his shaft and swallowed him down, I began to push past that forbidden entrance with my fingertip.

I’d never done this with my ex. He’d always been very against anal play of any sort, even with me. That hadn’t stopped me from wanting to try it though. I’d heard that it was one of a man’s most erogenous zones and was interested in trying it out. To his credit, my soldier didn’t utter a word of denial. He groaned deep in his chest as I continued my assault on his nether-area and stimulated him with my mouth at the same time. His fist made a small thump on the wall when my finger reached half way, and slid my mouth back up his pulsing erection. He pulsed on the end of my tongue a moment before a slightly bitter taste hit my taste buds. I immediately pulled off his dick and glared at him.

“Did I just taste cum?” I demanded as I slid my finger in all the way to the second knuckle.

“Apologies Ma’am,” he said on the end of a groan, “Prec-cum, nothing more.” As he said it, I saw another droplet form on the tip.

I contemplated this a moment, sliding my finger out then back in. “I’m not sure you’ll be able to last as long as I need, soldier,” I mused. I was halfway inside him and I wiggled the digit around experimentally.

“Don’t mind a little leak,” he said through a tense jaw, “It’s just his way of warming up.”

“You really think you could keep from shooting your load till I’m satisfied?” I pushed through a little further, careful not to force it.

“If you let me please you,” he said, looking down at me with the heat of his lust glowing in his amber eyes.

I frowned. “You want to please me soldier?” I slid my finger out of him and pinched the back of his sack a little.

“Very much Ma’am,” he said, body visibly relaxing a bit, “My gender hasn’t treated you like you should be, and I’d like very much to make up for it.”

I stood up, running my hands over the plains of his stomach and chest as I went. “That’s a lot of orgasms to make up for. We don’t have that kind of time on our hands. What I need to know is, if I were to jerk you off right now, do you think you could keep from cumming in my hands?”

“Not indefinitely, but I’d sure try. I hope you’ll give me a chance to service you as well.”

I squeezed him at his base, causing him to fold over me a bit and groan in my ear again. “This is not a service,” I murmured, “This is a test. If you can make my pussy cum before I make your gun go off, I’ll fuck you. But if you fire prematurely you get none of my pussy, and I finger bang your ass till you cum again.”

I stroked him firmly, my saliva keeping him lubricated. He was breathing heavily through his nose and mouth again, eyes closed and brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to hold back from being overcome by my hand. After a moment more he nodded, accepting my terms as gracefully as he could.

“Touch me soldier, and see if you can succeed where others fail.” I knew I had him at a disadvantage. No guy in the history of my love life could ever last longer than me after having had any real foreplay from me, and I none from them. Heck, even starting out on an even playing field wasn’t enough for some. Unless they’d already been working on me for some time, they were screwed if they thought they could get me to orgasm first. But this guy seemed confident that he could, that he was better than all the rest. So I was going to show him no mercy.

“Yes Ma’am.” Immediately his hand was grasping my breast in a firm but not hard grip. His thumb grazed the tip of my nipple and I squeezed just under the head of his penis to encourage him to pick up the pace. He didn’t falter a moment as his other hand trailed a path down my side and began pulling my skirt up. Slowly, my thighs were exposed and I pressed them into his, desperate to experience the feel of his naked flesh on mine. He located the waistband of my panties and started to slide them down. I had to let go of his rock hard member so that he cold kneel down and remove the scrap of fabric the rest of the way. I stepped out of them, using his broad shoulders for balance, then waited for him to straiten back up so we could proceed.

Instead, he stayed there to run his hands up the insides of my thighs. He turned us so that I was now leaning against the wall facing the entrance to the hall, then slid his finger up into the folds of my sex. Slowly, he teased the outer lips of my pussy before pressing a little on the button of my clit. With his other hand, he coaxed my leg up and rested it on his shoulder. I felt the warm puff of his breath on my very moist mound as he leaned in between my thighs and began to stroke down to my entrance with a very firm tongue.

“Did I say you could taste me?” I asked in as firm a tone I could manage.

“Please,” he pleaded softly with his lips brushing the sensitive flesh of my lips. Tantalizing the triangle of hair on top with his breath. He looked up at me, brown eyes seemed to smolder in the dim corner like banking embers of a fire, and I combed my fingers through the marvelously soft hair over his ear. My thumb brushed the extra thin strands near his forehead, and caressed his scalp underneath. I had to admit, though I loved being able to run my hands through a full head of hair, I found this man inexplicably sexy with the bald spot. He watched me with those burning eyes, and I smiled down at him.

“I expect the best,” I hummed, “You better make me want to scream.”

He grinned, eyes reflecting a confidence that made him even more attractive in that moment. “Ma’am, pardon me but I won’t make you want to scream,” he stated quite plainly. I frowned at him. “I will make you scream,” he finished.

I arched my eyebrows at him incredulously just before he flicked my slit with his tongue. I murmured encouragingly, and he dove his nose into my muff, beginning to sample my tender bits. It started gently with him teasing each lip up and down, then circling my clitoris. Next he swirled down into my inner lips and rimmed my entrance. It was nice, but not scream-worthy. I hummed pleasantly, continuing to caress his scalp as he teased me. Using his fingers to gently spread my lips apart, he continued to tease outside the opening to my cunt. Just when I was starting to believe he was all hype, I felt his tongue enter me.

I don’t know how I could have missed it, but by the feel of it, he was almost as long as Gene Simons’. He touched places some guys couldn’t’ hit with their cocks, much less tongues. I gasped as he curled it up and hit that bundle of nerves a the roof of my pussy. Then he began to stroke over it and I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning out loud. I rocked my hips into his face, gripping the back of his head and pulling him into me more, making his nose push over my clitoris. He held me to him, one hand on my ass, teasing the crack with his fingertips while the other snaked up and started drawing wet circles over the tingling bud under his nose. I flexed my inner walls around his tongue as he fucked me with it and gulped down my abundant juices.

Just when my body started to get used to the stimulation, he switched up and began sucking on my clit while he slid two long and thick fingers in where his abundant mouth-muscle had been. I gulped in a lung-full of air as he hooked his fingers to apply more pressure to that delightful spot. I fisted the hair on the back of his head with both hands, my breathing becoming labored. He finger-banged me mercilessly, making sure both fingertips continuously stroked over my g-spot. My body became taunt, the tension growing with each suck and each stroke. I could feel the meat of his palms slam into my mons over and over, the sound of wet flesh smacking against each other echoing down the hall.

I was almost to the breaking point, my body being filled with pleasure as his hands and mouth continued to play me like a finely tuned guitar. It was almost painful in its intensity, and I welcomed it. I embraced the felling of my sex swelling as he sucked it. My juices were flowing down my legs in rivulets, coating most of his face and going down to soak the sleeve of his shirt.

The pressure was building, and though I could have made him stop, I wanted to feel this. It had been a long time since I’d had any sort of oral, and never had it been so good. To deny the prize of him finishing me off would be criminal.

My clit was beginning to pulse like a metronome. I breathed through it, my stomach expanding then contracting to nonexistence. My hands grasped at his hair desperately. I wanted to prolong the sensation, hold onto the most amazing build up I’d ever felt, but on the other hand, I was eager for release. God, I wanted to feel the orgasm this wold become more than anything. It was coming too, surging me higher and higher as he sucked at the nub of flesh and stroked the inside of my slick pussy.

It came on me suddenly, that moment when you are on the edge, the pressure has reached it’s limit and time stands still. One flick of a fingertip and I came apart with a shocked yell that I was powerless to prevent from escaping my lips. I could literally see fireworks behind my eyelids as he continued to suck and caress me. For what seemed like several minutes, my orgasm continued in gushing waves of ecstasy, causing my eyelids to roll to the back of my head, and my whole body started to shake. Mercifully, he pulled away from my oversensitive clit, but kept his fingers inside me a little longer after that till I put a hand over his.

He looked up at me with eyes that all but blazed with its intensity. A hint of masculine pride sparked in the corners, and honestly he deserved it. He’d delivered on his promise that I would scream. I glanced down the hall to see if I’d been too loud. I waited, but no one came down it to investigate the noises we’d made. The thump of the club’s speakers effectively masking any noise that came from our little corner of the world.

I looked back down to my soldier who was patiently waiting for my next move. His fingers twitched a little, reminding me that they were still inside my soaked pussy. I licked my lips and tried to settle my breathing some.

“Do you like the taste of my cum, soldier?” I asked a bit hoarsely, breath still coming in pants.

If anything, the fire in his eyes seemed to blaze hotter as I watched them narrow with unsatiated lust. “Ma’am, its like nectar from the Gods,” he said simply.

“Then lick your fingers clean, boy,” I ordered with a purr, “ I don’t want you leaving smudges all over the building.”

He grinned as he pulled his middle and index finger from my entrance and held my gaze as he brought them to his lips. Yes, I’d just orgasmed, but it made my engine fire back up when I watched him slowly suck my juices off. I lowered my leg from his shoulder and pulled him up from his knees as he finished. He met my lips without hesitation as I pulled him into my arms and lifted my face to sample him hungrily. I could taste the saltiness of my juices on his lips and tongue adding to his own natural flavor and the soda from before. He caressed sensitive areas deep in my mouth, heating me up further. Pressed so close, I could feel that he was still very aroused. I reached down and took him in hand, stroking my thumb over his silky head. A groan rumbled from his chest up and into my mouth as his hands gripped my hips a little tighter.

“I am a woman of my word,” I breathed against his lips, “Think you can last long enough to get me off again?”

He nodded wordlessly, and fished a condom out of his back pocket. “How do you want me, ma’am?”

I looked him over, marveling at how gorgeous he looked, even in a shaded corner. “Sit,” I said, indicating the wall across from us with my head, “back against the wall and legs out.”

He complied quickly, shimmying the waistband of his pants and underwear down to mid thigh. He kept his legs slightly bent so as to create a sort of cradling seat for me.

I kneeled next to him and took the condom, carefully tearing the foil and revealing the white circle of latex. Honestly, I loved bareback, but pesky things like diseases and pregnancy made it necessary to use protection. I stroked it a few times to encourage him to get harder before slowly applying the latex. Still kneeling next to him I leaned over and captured his mouth in another searing kiss. My heart was going a mile a minute, riding the adrenaline rush of being in such a public place and having just majorly orgasmed.

He reached up to caress my breast, the tense massage of his fingers belying his eagerness. As I swung my leg over his lap, I felt him tremble slightly. His tremors got more noticeable as I slid myself along his length, coating him in my juices. He started to move his hips with me, making the tip catch against my clit over and over again. The sound of him gasping every time his cock nearly slipped into my cunt was exquisite to hear. I teased him like that a moment longer, cradling the back of his head in one hand while caressing the rounded contours of his chest with the other. His eyes would occasionally close with a tense frown and a soft grunt. It was clear that I was making it even more difficult for him to control himself.

Finally, I took pity on him and angled my hips just so, and allowed half his length to penetrate me. His breath stopped mid-inhalation, and an almost inaudible groan escaped him as I lifted up a little. I deliberately hung there for a moment longer than usual, then slammed myself down till I sat fully in his lap. I could feel the pressure of his tip behind my navel, something I really hadn’t experienced with anything but my longer dildos. I sighed, rocking my hips a little so I could feel him touch all around. I flexed my inner muscles experimentally to gauge whether this would hurt or not. He groaned beneath me and dug his fingers into my ass. I flexed again and shifted my hips, noticing that he did hit the end of me. I’ll admit, I like a bit of pain, but mixed with my pleasure. If my soldier just slammed into me over and over, I’ll be hurting real quick.

“So tight,” he whispered between breaths. To his credit, he waited tensely underneath me. When I stopped shifting around and testing the waters, he relaxed a little, but still did not assume it was time to start. I’d guessed he was a decent size when I’d held him in my hands, but I’d miscalculated what that size would feel like inside me. He would give a number of my vibrators a run for their money. It was almost a given that we’d have to be careful not to get too carried away, or we might both get hurt.

“As much as I’d love for you to pound my pussy right now,” I said as I leaned in and nipped his earlobe, “I think you might be a touch too big for that not to be painful.” I slowly lifted up his lenth then slid back down. “We’ll have to take it slow for a little.”

“Do you want me to rub your clit Ma’am?

The thought of being stimulated both ways into a second orgasm had me creaming as my muscles flexed around him involuntarily. “I think that would be fine,” I replied as evenly as I could, “ If you need me to stop for any reason…”

“I’ll say ‘volume’.”

I tilted my head a little at that. I was just going to say “tell me”. Not for the first time, I got the impression he was into a lot more power play than I’d first realized. I had a strange desire to know more about him outside the club. What would a relationship with this man be like? The temptation to ask him for his contact information after we finished was becoming overpowering.

“Volume?” I inquired.

“As in, the volume of traffic exceeds the airport’s capacity.” He shifted a little, “Is that an acceptable safe-word, Ma’am?” There was no irony in his tone, no hint of awkwardness as he said it. For all intents and purposes, he seemed to be one hundred percent serious, and I felt a moment of panic. I’d only ever dipped my toe into the type of world he seemed to be a part of. Did I trust myself to be the type of person he seemed to think I was? The way he was trusting me right now? But as quickly as I’d panicked, I realized that I was already being that person. I could do this. I wasn’t some huge sadist that would get too carried away and hurt him, and somehow he could see that. As long as I paid attention to both of us, and kept an ear open for his cues, we could finish this and both be satisfied.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. I leaned over him and placed my hand on the wall next to his head. “It’s very acceptable.”


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