Teaser Tuesday: Vertigo

So, here is just the very beginning of Vertigo for my teaser Tuesday.  I’ve posted a little bit of Vertigo here, though it’s so scattered you’d best read from the bottom up, also it’s password protected, so good luck getting into that one for now *winks*.  I also used it to write a previous writing prompt about something it a person’s pocket.  I would have done some more of 1NS if it were longer, but alas it is nearly complete, and I have to leave something for the final product.  There’s nothing naughty in this little bit I’m giving you, although like most of my work it will involve some in later bits.  After 1NS this is the next story I’m looking to finish up.  As far as stories go, they are both pretty short, I think.  So, if I can’t get them to go seperately because of length I’ll try putting them together with possibly a third story.  We shall see.  For now, enjoy a little teaser of Vertigo.

My heart was racing as I walked through the banquet room doors. I couldn’t catch my breath in the corset, even though I was sure the laces weren’t as tight as they could be. It was such an effort to keep from scanning the group of people, looking for one that stares just a bit more intently than the others. I couldn’t not look at anyone, but somehow I was going to have to manage to not actively look for him in the crowd. The underbust kept my spine straight, the lack of bra made my chest jiggle like a bowl of jelly, and nearly every man was going to notice. I suppose finding one that wasn’t staring intently at my breasts was going to be harder to do, than find someone that showed interest.

There was an open bar off to one side, however, only non-alcoholic drinks were included in the price of the meal ticket. I almost wished I hadn’t agreed to staying sober for the night. As a general rule, when planning to play, most people in the scene knew that alcohol leads to very dangerous scenes. We may not be incorporating very much that could be dangerous, but it’s better safe than sorry. I could have really used the liquid courage though.

I was soon approached by a young-looking bouncy blond with a smile that could double as a flashlight it was so bright. She wore a baby blue flouncy blouse and matching skirt. Her outfit seemed more suited to a high school reunion or a business dinner. The only hint of her being a part of the lifestyle was a band of blue velvet around her neck with “Owned” engraved in the gold surrounding a decent sized yellow topaz in the center. Her hair was shoulder-length, full and enviously wavy. Her lips were a perfect pink and spread in the most energetic grin I’d ever seen on a person, but her hands stayed firmly gripped in front of her stomach as she stepped in front of me.

“Hello,” I said with a smile.

“Welcome to the gathering. Is this your first time?”

I nodded, “I’ve been part of the group for a while, but I just recently moved near enough to participate in a meeting.”

She nodded and held out her hand. “And your ticket?”

I pulled the computer print-out of my receipt from my purse and handed it to her. She looked over it, smile dimming a little until she read the entire thing then it came back a few watts brighter. “Ah! BellaNoeud, I’d hoped to see you! I’m Precious, one of Momma Danielle’s girls.”

It took me only a moment to register the names. Momma Danielle was the Dominatrix that usually plans the Meet-and-greet events. Precious was one of three “girls” she kept at home. Theirs was a more in-depth arrangement than what I was interested in, but I couldn’t begrudge them their preferences. No one has forced Precious or her sisters to serve their Momma, but they do serve her, and the level of devotion they put into it is more than I would prefer.

Precious and I had been corresponding almost as long as I’d been talking to Draconis and the smile I gave her was genuine. “You’re even more chipper than I’d imagined,” I commented.

She winked, “It pleases Momma when we’re happy.”

I grinned, “I’ll bet.”

“Do you need me to introduce you to everyone?”

I shook my head. “I’ve been told not to seek introductions.”

She frowned, “Told?”

I blushed, unsure of how to explain what we were doing. “It’s sort of a game between Draconis and I.”

Her eyes went wide and her smile came back, “Draconis? Did you two get together?”

“Not yet, and I can’t seek him out. It’s part of a scene we’ve planned. I’m not allowed to know which guy is him until after the scene.”

Her eyebrows shot upwards. “Who’s idea was that?”

I broke eye contact, my face becoming as red as a beet. “Mine.”

My eyes were caught by a guy across the room. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something about him that tickled at the back of my memory. He wasn’t looking at me at all. His attention was focused on the Dom in front of him displaying their pet dressed in a black vinyl catsuit, a small smile playing at the corners of his lips. His hair was somewhere between light brunette and dark blonde, and he sported a small goatee and mustache around a pair of sensual cupid’s bow lips.

Precious chuckled, bringing me back to our conversation. “Well then, I’ll keep my mouth shut as far as introducing him. Besides, Momma has me as the greeter for now.”

I smiled with a nod, but found my gaze being inexplicably drawn to the guy with the lips. I could swear I knew him from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite say from where. He was looking over the catsuit, blue eyes thoughtful when they spied me staring. The moment those crystal clear blue eyes met mine, I was trapped. My breath hitched in my throat as he assessed me with the eye of a connoisseur. There was no change in his expression, save for a slight frown. I suppose I’d glimpsed his picture on the site, and he was probably wondering why I was looking at him like I was.

It was enough to make me look away and try to focus on something else. I didn’t want to offend anyone. I went over to the buffet spread out on a line of tables and started to build myself a plate. I looked up just in time to catch Mr. Blue-Eyes laughing at something the other Dom had said or done. That was when the floodgates opened and I had a name for the face. Paul Christopherson.

It had been fifteen years, but there was no mistaking that face now that I was able to see past his facial hair. His hair used to be a little longer, and sun bleached. Certainly the frame was broader, more muscular, but it was him.

I’d had a big crush on him as a freshman. We both hung out with the same people, but our personal interaction had not been much beyond me giving him a hug hello and goodbye. I wanted it to be more, but I suspected that he wanted Michelle, like all the guys seemed to want Michelle. She was the more outgoing one of the group, I was always the introvert. Still, I was always attracted to his surfer-boy look, even if he didn’t seem to know I existed.

That was until that one night.


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