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Etsy Selling & Clover Collecting

I now have an Etsy shop that mostly specializes in four leaf clover items! It all began when my family was flying kites on Easter Sunday this year.  I was watching from a distance and witing in my notebook when I glanced down at the clover and saw what appeared to be a four-leaf clover!  It was actually a five.  Then I saw another one, and another one, and another one, etc.  I did eventually find four-leaf clovers, as well as six and seven-leaf clovers, but as of yet, I’m only selling the fours in my products.

My first sale online was to Spain! Can you believe it? I’ve also sold some of them in person too! My father even got in on the madness and went back to the field with me last week to hunt up some more!

I have other products ready to post to my shop, as well as ideas for more to come that will include using the odd numbered clover! I can’t wait to implement my new ideas! I’m just so excited!  Feel free to check out my shop, it’s called CloverCollector

Well, I best get to bed! I’ll see you on the flip-side!

Stone Rugs? Totally Wicked!

Not going to replace the post I’ve promised you all, but I just had to share this!

Designer Martina Schuhmann has been generating lots of buzz with her amazing, handmade ‘stone rugs’ that are crafted using the wool of llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats. The Vienna-based designer also uses silk for special effects and detailing. Each stone rug is one-of-a-kind and they are available online through her Etsy shop. You can…

via These Stone Rugs are Actually Plush and Squishy — TwistedSifter

Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 4

So, I finished that last prompt almost by the seat of my pants.  For some that read it, it probably posted after midnight.  Seeing as how it was only eleven for me though, I still technically got it finished on it’s scheduled day! Yay!  Well now, this is my attempt at getting these things out in a more timely fashion.  As far as going’s on in my life, well I realized the ring does help me, though I at least need one other sense in constant activity, usually sound, in order to be more productive with my writing.  I realized yesterday when I was writing that I was dragging a bit before I put on my new Inspirering.  Even then, I felt a little off-balance without my favorite Pandora station playing.

Theory confirmed, I enjoy music and having a weird little ring on my index finger of my left hand.  I’m sure that has some sort of psychic significance, that finger does, I’m just not going to go into it just now.  Right now, I have a writing prompt to do or I’ll not let myself get that silly nail-art stuff!  Today’s writing prompt can be found on this list of writing prompts or even more conveniently here: Choose an object that you can see well; something in the room, on your desk, or outside. Describe it to the reader as if they had never seen such a thing. 

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Jenny Trout’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades of Grey Recaps

Jenny Trout’s Splendiferous Fifty Shades of Grey Recaps. Had to stop at “hates blondes more than Anita Blake does.” That was just fricken awesome! Really anyone that wants a totally snarkelicious review of the 50 shades books needs to check this lady out!

What do I see In You.

Meal ticket,money, sex, security.
They don’t make sense to me.
They don’t make my heart stop
Not like the sight of you.
I love you for your boyish grin,
For that cocky smile when you know you’ve won.
I love how you spontaneously light up at the sight of me
Fresh from bed, wearing sweats
I love how you need me most when you feel your worst,
How you teach me to be stronger when I’m not at my best.
I love how we tell each other
How much we don’t hate the other
With so much tenderness in our voices.
I love how you get mad when I buy make-up
Because you want me without any artifice.
I love how you notice when I meet a goal
And though you play it down in front of me
You show off what I do to others.
I love how you try to hide how tender you can be
But let me see a glimpse of it now and then
I love how you care so much
Though you don’t show it too well sometimes
I love what I see
I love what I see in you

Two Months of Writing Prompts: Day Ten

The prompt: If you could have somebody elses hair for a day, whose would it be? Why? What do you like about that person’s hair? Read more of this post

I don’t reblog a lot, but I felt this one worth it. In a way I feel the same way…well, once a book manifests!

The Unsanity Files

So yesterday Chuck Wendig wrote this thing about digital piracy of books. The upshot of this thing was that he’d really rather you didn’t do it, because hey, he worked hard on those books and they are not unreasonably priced and he deserves to be paid for his work BUT he’s not going to get all angry at people who do pirate because- Actually, it was kind of a long post. Maybe you should just go and read it.

As a corollary to this Wendig has declared today to be “International ‘Please Don’t Pirate My Book’ Day”. Now I’ve got nothing whatsoever against Mr. Wendig, and for the most part I agreed with his post, but much like the those who choose to celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” instead of Valentine’s I’ve decided to make up my own opposing holiday. I’m calling it “Go Ahead and Pirate my Book if You Feel Like…

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I Lied, You Know I Did…

Here’s the thing.  I’ve had some crappy experiences in my love life.  Some really crappy experiences!  Not to say I’ve been an angel in the world of love, I’ve had my moments of infidelity that I’m not proud of, and my moments of not caring that I was the other woman.  That one is almost justifiable, though.  He’d been seeing her on the sly while dating me, and when we broke up, the roles became reversed.  So, yeah I didn’t give a fuck that the stupid bitch was getting the same medicine.  Still not a proud moment.  This here is my confession time about all those suck ass moments in my romantic life, either where I lied, or they did.  Either way, it’s all torrid and names have been changed to protect the guilty, except for me…wait, no.  I will now be Bob!

These go in no particular order except for the lie that I remembered which inspired this post…ready? You better be cause there’s more language!

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Conspiracies and the Tanoan language in Taos. Any Takers?

Today’s post is going to touch on two subjects that some might not care to have put in the same boat, politics and Native American dialects.  I have an important question pertaining to the latter for anyone familiar with Tanoan, and more particularly the dialect spoken in the area of Taos and the Taos Pueblo would be most welcome to comment!  So, skip the next paragraph if your interested in helping, or if you can stomach it, read my rant about politics then read the other and decide whether or not you want and will help me.  Please please please help me!  I’m desperate! Read more of this post