Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 8

Yes, this is coming late. I’ve been running around all day with my family and haven’t had time to post.  I’m here now though!  See!  See!  I’m posting!  Okay, so what do we have here for our post on this fine Easter Sunday??? Well crap…

Can you think of a time when something that was poorly written caused confusion or trouble for you? Write about the experience. If you can’t think of anything, make something up!

Um…I have and hour and a half to write on this one? I may be in trouble!  Not that I don’t know how to write, nor that I really have to dive deep into my imagination to dredge up a moment when this could have applied to me, since anyone that’s been paying any attention would know what book/s this dredges up for me to rant.  The problem is, can I stop my rant in time to post it?

Let’s see if I can do it, shall we? Read more of this post


Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 1

Okay, I intended on doing this yesterday, but I got distracted by the creation of my new wire wrapped ring similar to my once beloved itchy ring.  I can’t say that it has the sharp wire ends that make my finger want to move, and it’s too new to know whether or not it will help in my writing right now.  Because it’s smoother than it’s predecessor, calling it an itchy ring seems wrong.  However, if it proves to be a success, then I’ll try and come up with some sort of fitting name for it like Inpirering or my Ladymuse..now that i think of it, Inspirering is sort of puny! Yep, I think that shall be it’s name.

This first go, I’m actually pulling out almost all the stops at the moment.  I have Pandora playing a Lindsey Stirling channel, because she’s awesome with a violin and anything related to that sounds pretty awesome! I also have the ring on, just to try it out.  There’s a cup of Highlander Grog flavored coffee in my Death Star shaped coffee mug, and I just lit a Stirling Embers scented Wood Wick candle.  Now that I actually think about it, I’ve realized I’m engaging most of my major senses: touch, taste, scent, and sound!  Can’t engage visual beyond watching what I’m thinking turn into words on a screen, but I guess my recent de-cluttering of my desk could be considered that.  Not that it’s perfectly clear or anything, but I’m not worrying about a mountain of paper causing an avalanche in my lap!

Okay, so adventures in amateur jewelry making and attempts at getting myself motivated aside, I was going to work on one of my writing prompts.  Just got to keep on myself this time!  How about, if I can make it through all 30 days of prompts on time then I can treat myself to a special nail polish I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, a chrome powder to extend my collection beyond silver chrome, or some equally extravagant seeming nail art themed item that I’ve been holding myself back from purchasing because it’s more of a want than a need.  Yes, let’s hold Cici to this and tell her she can’t get the thing unless she does this other thing!

We shall see…Well anyway, as it is day one, we are starting with the first one: Why did you start your writing? Is that still why you write, or has your writing gone in a different direction than you’d planned? No limits on time taken to write this, nor is there a min or max word count, so I’m just going to fly with this one and when I feel I’ve said what I need to I’m going to call it a day and send you all a mental blow-kiss! Read more of this post

Cici: the Anti-Twilight

No coffee log, no book review, just me saying hi and talking about stuff.  What kind of stuff you ask?  Lots of stuff!  Twilight stuff mostly…in fact why don’t we make this a Twilight rant?  Why not?  Guess it will be a book review, then!  So, I’m sure somewhere on this thing I’ve made my position on the Twilight novels at least a little known right?  The long and short of it is I don’t like it.  I agree that it was badly written, and sends out the wrong message to young girls everywhere.  You may disagree with me, and that’s fine.  Don’t think you can convert me though and I’ll give you six very good reasons why I can’t be swayed! (WARNING: THIS POST IS FULL OF ANTI-TWILIGHT COMMENTS AND SPOILERS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE THAT HAS NOT READ THE BOOKS AND ACTUALLY WANTS TO OR BY ANYONE THAT TAKES THE SERIES TOO SERIOUSLY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) Read more of this post

Self-Publishing: Is It Wrong?

In the writing world, people who write books can be classified as published and unpublished, and in the published category there’s the traditionally published and the self-published.  Now I hear that a good deal of the writers on a certain site believe that self-published writers are the ultimate sellout.  I’m not a member of this site, but I am friends with someone on it.  Considering my recent posts, I’d like to make it clear how I really feel about this issue. Read more of this post

Book Review: A Note to the Self Publisher

Recently, I came across a decent sized preview of a book I will not name, by a person I will not name because I don’t want to give her any press at all, though it pains me that unsuspecting humans may waste their money purchasing her work. People who know us both personally will know who and what I’m talking about.  I read all I could stand, which was less than the preview allowed
, and I am eternally grateful to my God that he provided me this look. Without it I may have went on in life feeling inferior to her, as I had in the past, but this showed me instead that she is not a better writer, though I’m no Jane Austen.  No, this author did not go through grueling and self-esteem destroying rejection letters by real publishers, she wasn’t blessed with a superior writing ability but was blessed with money to self-publish. To be more specific she was blessed with her grandmother’s money, which was always the case as long as I’d known her.

It saddens me for her though, that of all the people to read her book with an open mind, it was someone who could be deemed her worst enemy that actually took the time to read it, and decide to be honest with her. I know that, because if the people who wrote those reviews of her book (Mary N. her sister, Mrs. Esther her best friend, and M. Stanhope a reviewer that gives no less than 4 stars ever) had actually read it and truly loved her, they would have said “No, don’t do it! It still needs a lot of work honey!” instead of encouraged her. That being said, here’s my review, written for the first time (believe it or not MM-D) as I would have said to any writer that wrote something like that, aside from throwing their book into a lake. Read more of this post