Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 14

I’m looking forward to welcoming my teenage son and my husband home from there trip tonight.  I have been equal parts missing them and entertaining a little freedom of sorts.  I still had our youngest with me, but not having to split my focus between three separate individuals has been somewhat relaxing.  Sunday, Lisa and I made charcoal face mask peels and recorded ourselves peeling them off.  It wasn’t necessarily a wild party, but for me it was great fun especially when you add jungle juice made with tequila and any frozen fruit I could find to the mix.

I may or may not elaborate on the face mask night.  For now, I best get down to my writing prompt.  Thinking of making it a Wednesday post after the initial 30 is finished.  I’d ask what you all think, but the interaction on the blog just doesn’t seem to happen.  Chime in with your opinion if you’d like.  I’m leaning towards starting a “Writing Prompt Wednesday” as well as a “Throw it in the Lake Thursday Book Review”.    I still have some time before I’ll be freed up enough to make that decision, since these writing prompts are taking up most of my posting time.

But enough about my life and such, how bout that writing prompt.  Today, we have a deceptively simple one.  Feel free to follow along.  The list can be found here but the day’s prompt is this: Write about a keepsake.

Do you have a keepsake in mind? I do.  Let’s get started, shall we? Read more of this post


Amaretto Blend

Today I tried Amaretto Blend, one of two remaining flavors that were in a gift box I’d received for Christmas in 09′.  There were many flavors and blends of coffee in the present, but that was quite a while before I decided to make this blog, so only the two had not yet been consumed before today.  The Amaretto is already ground, so no fresh coffee smell.  Ah well, onward to the taste buds!  Read more of this post

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Today, in the we early morning hours I will be reviewing a classic called A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with an introduction by Karen Hesse.  It is published by Scholastic Inc. with a cover done by Ursula S. Albano and is one-hundred and twenty-two pages long.  The copy is one that was earned through a reading program at our local library, and is one of our own.  I did not receive anything from the publisher for making this review and all opinions are my own, and not influenced by any outside source.  We clear? I don’t need to spout any other legal babble? Right, on with the review! Read more of this post

Holiday Pepermint

Holiday Peppermint is the flavor selected for me today by my son. It is a Millstone brand coffee bean of the Seasonals line, and I thought it sounded interesting.  No, it wasn’t random, my boy genuinely wants to find me a tasty brew, and really really wanted me to try the peppermint.  I think he was of the opinion that since it was called peppermint that it would be sweet like candy canes.  I love my son! Read more of this post

OCD of the Average Mind

Did you ever have a moment where a very mundane detail catches your attention so completely?  Ever wonder what you might look like to the casual observer?  This moment I just had might have escaped my notice, had my husband not observed me and commented, “A random bagel?”

A strange question, yes.  Let me rewind real quick.  Anyone who dislikes a writer that sets up a setting, mood and such before coming to the point might want to just skip most of what I’m going to write since I’m going to use this opportunity to flex my writing muscles. Read more of this post


I know I said I’d write every day, but I decided that though I may drink coffee on Christmas and Christmas Eve, I would just enjoy the time with family and friends and not blog about it.  Anyway, when I tried to ascertain the specific brew I was drinking on Christmas, the answer given to my “What kind of coffee is this?” was a good-natured “Black.” Read more of this post