WMHB Chapter 2: A.K.A. Show & Tell

When I originally started reviewing this chapter it took me several days to recover.  I am nothing if not a masochistic book reader, hence the category.  So, here I come back to inflict some more agony upon myself, and to share it with those of you willing to read my own personal tripe.  I mean, lets be honest, I’m criticizing her for the horrid work she published, but when will I ever put my money where my mouth is?  Hold that thought!

This one was tough to get through.  I mean I’m starting to think that it may take me more than a week to finish the next one, with how hard this one was.  Just a warning, your entertainment may not come every week on schedule.  Guess you’ll just have to enjoy my writing prompts instead.

Alright, alright.  I know what you are really here for!  Onward to literary torture!!!

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WMHB Chapter 1: AKA Incompetent Scientist is Incompetent

So, I’ve come back to continue this book.  Do I dare remind everyone the last time I tried to read this, I’d gotten a migraine?  This time I’m fighting with neck pain, but that’s not related to this book.  It may make me a little more snarky though.  Now I know I said “Tune in next week” or some cheesy line to that effect, but I don’t know if I can, in fact get through a whole chapter in one week.  Sure, I can read it like Speedy Gonzales on crack but when it comes to writing a commentary, there are going to be chapters where it will seem like every single sentence is something to scoff at.  Don’t believe me? Wait till chapter 2…trust me!  So if I don’t update this every week, you’ll know why.

I would like to point out that this is not, in fact the worst thing I’ve read.  It’s damn close though!  Anyway, I know what you really want is to find out how we go from modern day to Tombstone, Arizona.  Patience, we’ll get there sooner than you can say “drunk scientist”!

…I realize there are a few smart asses out there that just said “drunk scientist” to prove that statement wrong.  To you fine people, I have but one reply…



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Two Months of Writing Prompts. Day One: Making a list and checking it twice.

Sometimes, I have a little difficulty getting started/back on track with my writing.  This isn’t necessarily the case at the moment, but I came across  a link to R. L. Stine’s Nightmare Room Writing Program that he’s offering free to teachers and students.  At first I thought to use it as a personal Blog filler 😉 You know, take one of the prompts or tasks in the program and make it a blog post for the day.  I quickly thought better of it cause I thought I’d be better served going to a random (like me) writing prompt generator and using that instead!  I didn’t find any single one that I liked the best, so I decided to take 6 prompts from ten different sites and make those my fifteen days of writing prompts. (only the ones I like, mind you!)  For those of you that are interested in finding your own writing prompts I grabbed from Language is a Virus which generated a ho-hum sort of random set of prompts and some really messed up ones posted underneath but I managed to find a few that intrigued me, Prompt Generator which was more helpful in providing prompts I could relate to, Scholastic Story Starters which is a generator for kids, but could net you a pretty interesting prompt anyway, Plinky which also had some decent prompts but not a random generator, Creative Writing Prompts which also wasn’t a random generator, but could very easily get you almost through a year with the list of prompts it has alone (if you aren’t picky and just go one prompt after the other), Always Write’s Writing Prompt Generator which is pretty good, the Almost Totally Random Writing Generator that generated me “250-300 words * porn * sushi” (How could I say no?), Imagination Prompt Generator by this point I was just looking for a competent generator to be honest, Fifteen Minutes of Fiction I perused their weekly writing prompt ^^, and finally Daydreaming On Paper Because why not?  That’s basically what writing fiction is in the first place, right?

This, as you could have guessed, is another attempt (soon to be failed, I’m sure.)  at being more of a daily blogger and to speed up the process of posting every day by giving me something immediately to write about.  I had heard/read somewhere that it takes about two months for a person to take on a new habit.  It was probably a Cracked.com article , gotta love those things!  Well, here’s to getting into new habits! Anyone that wants to work alongside me may feel free to reference my list here.  Now, without further procrastination from me, Day 1: Write a dialog between two of your favorite characters from books/tv/movies. Read more of this post

Surprise Changes That Work!

I am currently working on two different points in the same story.  At first, I was just working on a very steamy scene, and at the same time trying to find that name I mentioned in an earlier post.  I did end up posting a question on Yahoo answers, and ended up gaining the attention of an irate native… Read more of this post

Research Makes It All Better!

Sunday was a day of writing.  At first it was all going well! I found a previous bit of work that I wanted to expand on and really work into the story and I was really making my hands fly over the keys, and then…Wait what is that stuff…You know, that stuff that people put on rags then put over the mouth and nose of another person to make them pass out….What is that stuff?  Thus started my day of researching stuff.  Would you like to join me on a short recall of what has had me in its grasp Sunday?  Join me and we will have a great laugh together as everyone else scratches their heads! Read more of this post

Bite the Hand that Feeds

Okay, apparently yesterday a man by the name of Paul Christoforo had a bad day in the Customer Service industry.  And when I say a bad day, I mean he was letting his Jerk Flag fly all over a customer.  When Dave e-mailed the company Ocean Marketing about the status of his pre-order, he was treated nigh contemptuously by Paul.  For those of you wanting to read the whole kit and caboodle direct yourself to this http://penny-arcade.com/resources/just-wow1.html , and after … maybe enjoy a bit of Web-comic! Anyway!  Dave decided to call attention Paul’s poor Customer Service abilities.  Yes, I’m jumping onto this bandwagon, cause especially with the way the world is becoming, people like this should see their seeds sown.  And so… Read more of this post

Luke, I’m Your Sister?

Okie, I’m going to let my geek flag fly today.  I’ve been searching the internet galaxy for a “deleted” scene.  I’ve seen pictures that may or may not have been Photoshop’ed and I’ve come up not with what I was searching for, but it prompted me to write this post.  I am talking about a scene in The Empire Strikes Back in which Luke and Leia “make out”.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you have been living under a rock, that’s all I got to say, and for those of you that do know who I’m talking about, don’t judge.  Just hear me out I have some things that I want to say from a writer’s standpoint.  Read on if you’re game!

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The Sims3 Create-A-Pet Demo: Don’t do it!

Okay, recently EA put out a Create-a-pet demo, which seemed to be embraced by everyone with open arms. It was nice to be able to make pets before the game comes out, see how everything works and all. However, there is one major problem with it… Read more of this post

What I Did Over the Summer…(that statement brings back bad memories!)

I haven’t actually posted for the sake of posting in a while, and while I’m waiting for the Sims 3 Create a Pet Demo to download I thought I’d rectify that overstatement.  Well for all the time I haven’t posted anything more than a review, there hasn’t been much going on.  There are some exceptions, and I’ll get to them.  I suppose the title is somewhat inaccurate since the last I really posted was the end of July and Summer Break was a month away from ending for my son.  Still, I’m keeping the title and there’s nothing you can do about it but whine at me, and I’m not a heavy drinker so please, no whine!

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Setting Mood with Music…

Well, I need to post, so I post.  It’s a usual Monday filled with Grocery shopping and such.  Got my first pay, and it was nice.  Not a lot but that was to be expected at first since I’m paid for how much I get done and I was just learning the ropes.  I’m confidant that I’ll get more done this next time around.  I need to get more writing done.  I use my travel time to Mason City as a oportuity to envision what goes on in the story.  This last time I had a little of an “Aha!” moment with regards to Amore… Read more of this post