Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 13

Well, I procrastinated all day without doing my writing earlier, and here I am with less than thirty minutes on the clock to get it done for the day.  I’m just a special kind of lazy, hu?  This is why I was so insistent on keeping up with them every day even when certain people threatened extreme displeasure at my doing it.  Getting back into the habit after falling off the wagon is damned hard!  All that doesn’t matter though.  What matters is, I need to get this writing prompt out of the way and then I need to go to bed.

Cue montage music! Inspiring on! Writing prompt at the ready! Everyone wanting to follow along can find the list here and for those too lazy to do the math you can just follow this: List 10 words that you like.  Elaborate on why you like them, and maybe even give a definition of them.

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Writing Prompts…Once More With Feeling!

Alright, I know I tried this before, but I mean it this time!  My blog had far too little love last year (and the year before that…and kinda the year before that…), and I’m determined to do it this time!  I’m going to select 30 new prompts (except for the prompts I really love!) and am sticking to it this time! I swear!  This is the list of  prompts that I’m going to use for my Month of Writing Prompts…Once More With Feeling! Feel free to join me and send me a link to your work in the comments!  Or not…entirely up to you!

So, without further adeu, the list of prompts!

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Two Months of Writing Prompts: Day Thirteen

Okay, I just want to say that I actually do not know the meanings of some of the words on my list, so if i accidentally define them, YAY ME!  However, I’m going to try to be as silly as possible.  The prompt is: Pick 10 random words and write them down.  Now create new meanings for them.  What do they make you think of?  What do you think they mean? (Degenerate, Uncotiguous, Unmellow, Unvoluntarily, Accad, Gowanda, Factorization, Overlusty, Ovarium, Phrenologically)

My words I got using a random word generator. Check it out if you’re game! Read more of this post