Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 13

Well, I procrastinated all day without doing my writing earlier, and here I am with less than thirty minutes on the clock to get it done for the day.  I’m just a special kind of lazy, hu?  This is why I was so insistent on keeping up with them every day even when certain people threatened extreme displeasure at my doing it.  Getting back into the habit after falling off the wagon is damned hard!  All that doesn’t matter though.  What matters is, I need to get this writing prompt out of the way and then I need to go to bed.

Cue montage music! Inspiring on! Writing prompt at the ready! Everyone wanting to follow along can find the list here and for those too lazy to do the math you can just follow this: List 10 words that you like.  Elaborate on why you like them, and maybe even give a definition of them.

Are we all good? Got your writing utensil of choice ready to create? Then, let’s get started, shall we? Read more of this post


Writing prompts

1. Write a dialog between two of your favorite characters from books/tv/movies.
2. You are a letter in the alphabet on your classroom wall chart. You are tired of being up on the classroom wall. Write about an adventure you could have if you were down for one hour.
3. Write a postcard to a sunburned hamster who is the worst singer in the world.
4. Write a short scene in which one character reduces another to uncontrollable sobs without touching him or speaking.
5. Write an essay which is full of grammatical, scientific, mathematical, or historical errors.
6. What is your favorite city and why? Describe it as though the reader had never been there.
7. Someone’s pet snake is loose in the classroom! Describe what happens. (I know someone who would get why I chose this!)
8. 250-300 words * porn * sushi
9. Is there an opposite to real love?
10. If you could have somebody else’s hair for a day, whose would it be? Why? What do you like about that person’s hair?
11. Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.
12. Was it supposed to be funny? What memory does the word ‘prank’ stir up for you?
13. Pick 10 random words and write them down. Now create new meanings for them. What do they make you think of? What do you think they mean?
14. Write a brief biography of an old inventor who is shipwrecked on a desert island.
15. I found the strangest thing in my pocket.
16. Would you prefer to have $10 million dollars right now or $1 million a year for 10 years? Why?
17. “The cat’s out of the bag” is an idiom that indicates that a secret has been revealed. Write a story or poem that illustrates this idiom.
18. Write a letter to a know-it-all private eye who ages 20 years in one day.
19. What did you once lose? Write about your search to find it again.
20. Write an excuse for not working today.
21. Write a word portrait of a loved one.
21. POV – third person (omniscient) * male character – under 18 * the first touch
23. Write a TV commercial advertizing an unpopular lawyer who ignores orchestras.
24. Imagine that you could be invisible for one day. Write a story about that day.
25. What was the oldest book you ever read?
26. Who do you want to be when you are 40? (Or 50 or 60, etc. if you are already 40)
27. You come home and check your phone messages. You get to the third message and freeze. Begin from there.
28. Describe the secret wish of a plaid dentist who thinks she is a cartoon character.
29. Why did you start your writing? Is that still why you write, or has your writing gone in a different direction than you’d planned?
30. POV – observer/third party * original female character * a celebration
31. You have some advice to give. Write a letter to someone and pass on your wisdom to them.
32. What does Sunday feel like? Write a poem or paragraph (or whatever) that explains your opinion of and emotions felt for the seven separate days of the week.
33. Write an ode to your favorite kind of pie.
34. She seemed like such a sweet old lady. Who would ever believe that she was really . . .
35. Pick an idiom and make up your own explanation for the origin of the idiom. Make it humorous if you can!
36. Begin with “Today I will…” and write for ten minutes.
37. Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.
38. Write about a keepsake
39. What was your favorite childhood toy?
40. Write a myth about a jittery venus flytrap who discovers a talking frog.
41. (write for) 10 minutes * conflict * tulips
42. Pretend you were selected to receive a special award. Write the article that would be in the newspaper to announce your award.
43. Who have you forgotten about until right now? Think hard and list five people from your past that you really should have written something about by now but haven’t. Circle the name of the person who stands out the strongest. Write a description or brief memoir of that person.
44. If life was a TV game show, what TV game show would best reflect the life you’ve lived? Write about it.
45. (write for) 20 minutes * humor * a run-down bar at the edge of town
46. Of the three – mind, body, soul – which do you prefer? Which do you think is most important?
47. What would the world be like if all mothers everywhere decided to go on strike? Answer this question, along with questions like: Why did the mothers go on strike, and what would it take to end the strike?
48. Why would a fashion model refuse to have pictures in her house?
49. Look out your window and up at the sky. Do you believe in something larger than yourself?
50. The book you want to write. What’s going to be in it?
51. Really See: Choose an object that you can see well – something in the room, on your desk, or outside. Stare at it for a long time (5-10 minutes at least). Now, describe it to the reader as if they had never seen such a thing.
52. Imagine that the time is late at night, you are at home when the telephone rings. Create a story that includes this scene.
53. List 10 words that you like.
54. Can you think of a time when something that was poorly written caused confusion or trouble for you? Write about the experience. If you can’t think of anything, make something up!
55. POV – third person (omniscient) * female character – under 18 * storm shelter
56. Describe getting a Christmas tree with your family as a child. How did you decorate it? When did you put it up?
57. Describe your very first job.
58. What makes it a game anyway? Somehow write about a childhood or adult game as if it was real life, not just a game.
59. Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.
60. Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.