Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 1

Okay, I intended on doing this yesterday, but I got distracted by the creation of my new wire wrapped ring similar to my once beloved itchy ring.  I can’t say that it has the sharp wire ends that make my finger want to move, and it’s too new to know whether or not it will help in my writing right now.  Because it’s smoother than it’s predecessor, calling it an itchy ring seems wrong.  However, if it proves to be a success, then I’ll try and come up with some sort of fitting name for it like Inpirering or my Ladymuse..now that i think of it, Inspirering is sort of puny! Yep, I think that shall be it’s name.

This first go, I’m actually pulling out almost all the stops at the moment.  I have Pandora playing a Lindsey Stirling channel, because she’s awesome with a violin and anything related to that sounds pretty awesome! I also have the ring on, just to try it out.  There’s a cup of Highlander Grog flavored coffee in my Death Star shaped coffee mug, and I just lit a Stirling Embers scented Wood Wick candle.  Now that I actually think about it, I’ve realized I’m engaging most of my major senses: touch, taste, scent, and sound!  Can’t engage visual beyond watching what I’m thinking turn into words on a screen, but I guess my recent de-cluttering of my desk could be considered that.  Not that it’s perfectly clear or anything, but I’m not worrying about a mountain of paper causing an avalanche in my lap!

Okay, so adventures in amateur jewelry making and attempts at getting myself motivated aside, I was going to work on one of my writing prompts.  Just got to keep on myself this time!  How about, if I can make it through all 30 days of prompts on time then I can treat myself to a special nail polish I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, a chrome powder to extend my collection beyond silver chrome, or some equally extravagant seeming nail art themed item that I’ve been holding myself back from purchasing because it’s more of a want than a need.  Yes, let’s hold Cici to this and tell her she can’t get the thing unless she does this other thing!

We shall see…Well anyway, as it is day one, we are starting with the first one: Why did you start your writing? Is that still why you write, or has your writing gone in a different direction than you’d planned? No limits on time taken to write this, nor is there a min or max word count, so I’m just going to fly with this one and when I feel I’ve said what I need to I’m going to call it a day and send you all a mental blow-kiss! Read more of this post


Printer Error

It’s prose, and not an actual story about my printer. Just something I thought of while I was at work one day in December, and am just getting around to putting it down.

I don’t even own a printer…

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A Blog a Day…

No, that’s not me going for a blog a day goal.  I don’t feel I have that much to say honestly, or at least not that much that should be shared.  I’m not consistent enough to do so anyway.  It’s more of an expression like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but in this case it’s more like “a blog a day keeps the psychiatrist at bay.”

I don’t expect I’ll ever getting around to eating an apple every day, but I do enjoy one occasionally for a more healthy sweet treat.  Conversely, I don’t blog every day, but when I do I find it therapeutic.  At least I do when I have real life things to talk about that are causing me distress. Read more of this post


*sigh* Here we go again… Read more of this post

Updates, Cause I can (AKA: Bad Day Monday!)

Today’s is going to be a personal post.  I wanted to take a little break from teas, though I have several that I’ve already sampled and need to type up.  Still, I just wanted to talk about stuff this time.  There were a couple of points this month where I didn’t post when I said I’d try to post more, and I’ll get into that in a bit.  Basically this is my what’s been going on, what haven’t I been writing about that I said I would, etc. post.  Feel free to use this post as you alternative to Ambien.  I promise the only side effect is my tendency to have Zombie Dreams may be contagious over the net…I don’t know, but I thought it would be safe to put the warning out there. Read more of this post

Automatic Disqualification for Sainthood.

I read an article Wednesday about a letter that was found defending one of the more prominent Catholic Priests that preyed on young boys, written by another clergy member.  Not surprising was that the author had more concern for the church’s reputation than the victims and was pushing for the priest to be brought back to work with families and spread the word of God.  Not surprising, until you look at the details and realize that the letter, which was not signed, still contains details that point to the identity of the author being none other than Mother Teresa. Read more of this post

Sad Times Indeed

It’s time for another blog.  I’m going to talk shop.  And when I say shop, I mean the greenhouse, and making flower arrangements. Read more of this post

The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton

Took a little break from writing the reviews.  Sorry bout that, but here it is my review of The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton, book six of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.  It was originally published in 1997 by Ace Books and is 387 pages long.  Later, it was featured as the third book in Midnight Cafe.  It takes place after the events of Bloody Bones, and before the events of Blue Moon.  For anyone not familiar with the series it is vampire fiction with a smacking of police procedural mystery, and lots of yummy steamy tension too!  The copy is on loan, and I have not been compensated to write a favorable review in any way.  Just as a refresher, I do this for the joy of going through the series again and though I’ve slowed down recently, I will finish all 20+!  But for now… Read more of this post

“Lies, all LIES!” – Frau Farbissina

Okie, as per my normal log in, I find that the spammers will find one post, and spam it relentlessly.  Haha!  My spam filter gets em’ all, and all I’ve got to do is click “empty spam” and blam! No spam!  Now, just because I make it so that I have to approve of comments doesn’t mean I’m going to be a hypocritical person and not allow a true comment, just because it’s a negative comment.  So far, no negative comments though.  Read more of this post

Tarnsman of Gor, by John Norman

Tarnsman of Gor is a Sci/fi Fantasy written  by John Norman in 1966.  It is a bout Tarl Cabot a man from Earth who is taken to his long-lost father on a counter Earth called Gor.  Counter Earth meaning a planet on the same orbit as Earth but on the exact opposite side of the sun so as to hide it from modern man on Earth.  On this planet many things are low tech, while others are very high tech, all at the behest of the Priest/Kings who are revered as gods on this planet.  There’s the device that can translate any language, even that of a giant spider, yet the warriors are not allowed to fight with anything more complex than a crossbow, or ride anything beyond beasts of burden.  Also in this world there is slavery.  Here, he is trained in the ways of Gor then sent on a mission, but things do not go as planned. Read more of this post