My Mother’s Day Gift to Myself

Okay, I’m a florist.  As a florist, some days and the days leading up to them are especially busy.  Mother’s Day is one of those days, and I have been trying desperately to keep ahead of that day to my best ability.  That said, it has left me with very little time to devote to the blog, so I’m letting myself off the hook…for now.  I am forgiving myself for slacking, just this once, whether you do or not is up to you guys, but I promise to be back and posting on the next Manic Monday.  Until then, please enjoy a little of my favorite violinist in one of my favorites of her songs, Shadows.

Check out some of her other stuff too! She’s really quite talented and fun to watch!


Dun Dun Dunnn!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and Girls! It’s time again for another installment of Cici’s favorite posts from Dear Old Love!  This is where I post my favorites from the last month of and put them here for all of you to read.  Feel free to check out their page too!

Really I was going to just work on pretty big cut and paste project today…but the computer keeps randomly losing what I’m working on.  It’s the most frustrating thing so I’m working on this instead…ENJOY!!! Read more of this post

Protected: Vertigo: Rough and Scattered.

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Taking a Break

I’ve been working hard on my Short story!  But I need a break, so I’m just going to brainstorm in a blog, and maybe work out some ideas.

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Dear Old Love…Once again…

What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic and this sight just pulls at those heartstrings, or just makes me laugh thinking I wish I could say some of this to my less liked exes.  I’m just posting my favorites, but feel free to check their site out for yourself! dearoldlove

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I’m posting this as if I wrote it in the early AM before going to sleep, when in reality I was writing it on a notebook from the beginning of Saturday, but didn’t make it to the computer because of Family Movie Night and Living Room Camp Out!  I’ll write about those in a bit but first, what I was to post for my “Saturday” post! Read more of this post

Dear Old Love, Too

Again, for your enjoyment, I give you some new Dear Old Love posts from the past month or so.  Enjoy!  (BTW None of these are actually mine…) Read more of this post

Dear Old Love

I love this book, and the sight.  It’s anonymous little letters written by many people, to people that they either liked or loved.  Some can be so general that you’d swear your ex-boyfriend wrote it about you.  Others are so specific and heartbreaking.  I picked out some choice posts for the past month and am putting them here, but if you want to read more go to Read more of this post

When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

When Beauty Tamed the Beast is about a girl Linnet Berry Thrynne whose reputation is in tatters.  The whole of London is convinced she not only allowed her prince to take liberties, but that they’ve resulted in her carrying his child.  It isn’t true, ofcorse but in order to make the best of a situation Linnet’s aunt comes up with the idea to offer her to Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant.  Rumor has it that he’s in the market for a wife.  However when she arrives at her future fiancée’s home, she comes to realize that the Earl is different from all the other nobles she’d met. Read more of this post

The Sista Can Testify!

Okay, every so often I have to plug-in an entirely religious based post.  So, Warning, this is a very Pro-Christian post and if that might offend you, you are perfectly capable of not reading,  and not commenting.  If you do, being that I’m obviously stating right here that I’m not trying to shove my religion down your throat, I would kindly ask you try not to shove yours, or lack thereof down mine.  Still going to read? Okie here I go… Read more of this post