Two Months of Writing Prompts: Day Three

Is it me, or does this prompt make anyone else want to sing Hamizilla? Just saying…

Well then, continuing to catch up with myself, I give you the third prompt!

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To Those We’ve Lost, and are About to Loose…

Not whining, just taking stock of what’s gone on this year. I am ringing in the new year with a post, but no New Year’s Resolution. I’ll work to improve in general over the next year, but I swear if it all turns out to be more of the same as this year…Well, you get the idea.
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Protected: The Convention (Sirel’s POV)

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Obligations, Dahmeet!

Okay, so everyday won’t happen, but I’m a woman with a family to take care of, and a husband to emotionally support so you’ll have to forgive me the loss of the resolution.  We still have weight loss on the books, and as long as I get myself down to 138.5 or less eventually, I’ll have done my part. Read more of this post

What I Did Over the Summer…(that statement brings back bad memories!)

I haven’t actually posted for the sake of posting in a while, and while I’m waiting for the Sims 3 Create a Pet Demo to download I thought I’d rectify that overstatement.  Well for all the time I haven’t posted anything more than a review, there hasn’t been much going on.  There are some exceptions, and I’ll get to them.  I suppose the title is somewhat inaccurate since the last I really posted was the end of July and Summer Break was a month away from ending for my son.  Still, I’m keeping the title and there’s nothing you can do about it but whine at me, and I’m not a heavy drinker so please, no whine!

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Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the third book of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton called Circus of the Damned. It was published by Ace in 1995 is 329 pages long, and takes place two months after the events of The Laughing Corpse.  It was also featured in an anthology with the first two books called Club Vampyre.  The copy is on loan, and I have been given no compensation for a favorable review other than my pleasure of knowing that I’m putting my opinions out there where everyone that cares to read it would be able to see it.  So, we all clear? On to the review!

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Dear Old Love, Too

Again, for your enjoyment, I give you some new Dear Old Love posts from the past month or so.  Enjoy!  (BTW None of these are actually mine…) Read more of this post

A Dream Come True but Not Yet Fulfilled!

Well, it’s summer.  I’ve been wanting to go see family, but that’s five hundred miles away.  My family just can’t make the drive every year!  We can make a shorter drive, and my husband said that we do need to so something vacationy.  So, I began to brainstorm.  I was thinking of places and things that we could do that was half way to family and friends in Kansas, so that someone could meet us “half-way” so to speak.

Well first and foremost on my mind was that my favorite authoress lives in St. Louis, which could be semi half-way, and I’m sure there’s things to do for the rest of the people  there.  I went onto her websight and saw that she’s not holding any book signings in her area, she’s going all across the country.  This all across the country book tour (You know, a REAL author’s book signing tour) takes her just three hours away from me and mine in just under three weeks!

You bet your cookies I mentioned it to my husband, with a little fangirl giggle.  I like to think that I’ve matured over the years, but the idea of meeting an author I’ve been reading for half my life now is just too much!  She has surpassed all other authors on my list.  When I see her I’m going to have to fight to hold back a squeal of glee!  My husband will want to be nowhere near me!  Just thinking about it makes my inner child do cartwheels, whooping and singing “I get to see Laurell! I get to see Laurell!”

Hell, I’m even planning my outfit as we speak!  And not just clothes!  I’m going to be trying out what different shades of makeup I’ll wear, what earrings, hair accessories, shoes, nylons.  I’m going to be thinking about what to do with my hair, and then I’ll have to make a silhouette of my best friend’s bust with “Insert Rachel here…” so that she can have a “spot” in the picture I’ll have taken of me with Laurell.  It may seem crazy, but I don’t give a  rat’s patootie!  That’s me, and I’m not going to be able to tone it down enough to be considered even a semblance of normal, so I won’t even try.  This will be my one, and maybe only time to meet her, and I’m not going to ruin it by not being me.

Oh! And you bet I’ll be reviewing her book! In fact, perhaps I’ll just start with the first and finish by the time I go to meet her! Hurrah! (Cici runs off to grab her copy of Guilty Pleasures!)

Well, I’ve got to go do the housewifey thing then play with nail polish! I get to see Laurell, I get to see Laurell, I get to see Laurell!

Dear Old Love

I love this book, and the sight.  It’s anonymous little letters written by many people, to people that they either liked or loved.  Some can be so general that you’d swear your ex-boyfriend wrote it about you.  Others are so specific and heartbreaking.  I picked out some choice posts for the past month and am putting them here, but if you want to read more go to Read more of this post

Nip Tuck, no one will Disect my work!

Been doing some writing in my reader lately.  It would be faster to type on the computer, but lately the only time when I’ve had an idea has been when I’m away.  So, there you go.  I tried to explain the scene I’m writing to a friend, but I’m not sure if the entire story is going to be her cup of tea.  I’ll offer to let her read it anyway.  I know she likes Romance, but I’m not sure if a lot of the other main points in the book will be to her liking.  We shall see. Read more of this post