Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 14

I’m looking forward to welcoming my teenage son and my husband home from there trip tonight.  I have been equal parts missing them and entertaining a little freedom of sorts.  I still had our youngest with me, but not having to split my focus between three separate individuals has been somewhat relaxing.  Sunday, Lisa and I made charcoal face mask peels and recorded ourselves peeling them off.  It wasn’t necessarily a wild party, but for me it was great fun especially when you add jungle juice made with tequila and any frozen fruit I could find to the mix.

I may or may not elaborate on the face mask night.  For now, I best get down to my writing prompt.  Thinking of making it a Wednesday post after the initial 30 is finished.  I’d ask what you all think, but the interaction on the blog just doesn’t seem to happen.  Chime in with your opinion if you’d like.  I’m leaning towards starting a “Writing Prompt Wednesday” as well as a “Throw it in the Lake Thursday Book Review”.    I still have some time before I’ll be freed up enough to make that decision, since these writing prompts are taking up most of my posting time.

But enough about my life and such, how bout that writing prompt.  Today, we have a deceptively simple one.  Feel free to follow along.  The list can be found here but the day’s prompt is this: Write about a keepsake.

Do you have a keepsake in mind? I do.  Let’s get started, shall we? Read more of this post



I was perusing Diamond Candle giveaways because I’m in major candle mode, and I came across Peanut Butter and Whine’s Giveaway Blog.  As there were a billion ways to enter her most recent giveaway I started going down the line and making what entry I felt comfortable with.  One entry requires you to comment on one of her other blog posts that weren’t giveaway related (another that you blog about her hehehehe) and I found this Gem, literally! Any red-blooded girl (or guy, I won’t discriminate) that loves earrings, or knows a girl (or guy) that loves earrings should click that link, or click the pic! Remember to put in 0704 in the coupon code for a free pair of $60 Garnet stud earrings! The code is only good till January 28, 2014!  You have to pay for shipping, but seriously, you’re gonna squabble about shipping?  I’m not! And while you’re there, you could check out some of the other earrings, there’s the free pair of Diamond heart studs and Amethyst heart studs both using the 0801 coupon code for them to be free, however I can’t guarantee for how long those are free.

Woot Woot!



_01-20-14_803  Got my earrings in the mail Friday and they are FABULOUS!!!

Hope you all enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

What I Did Over the Summer…(that statement brings back bad memories!)

I haven’t actually posted for the sake of posting in a while, and while I’m waiting for the Sims 3 Create a Pet Demo to download I thought I’d rectify that overstatement.  Well for all the time I haven’t posted anything more than a review, there hasn’t been much going on.  There are some exceptions, and I’ll get to them.  I suppose the title is somewhat inaccurate since the last I really posted was the end of July and Summer Break was a month away from ending for my son.  Still, I’m keeping the title and there’s nothing you can do about it but whine at me, and I’m not a heavy drinker so please, no whine!

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