Cici: the Anti-Twilight

No coffee log, no book review, just me saying hi and talking about stuff.  What kind of stuff you ask?  Lots of stuff!  Twilight stuff mostly…in fact why don’t we make this a Twilight rant?  Why not?  Guess it will be a book review, then!  So, I’m sure somewhere on this thing I’ve made my position on the Twilight novels at least a little known right?  The long and short of it is I don’t like it.  I agree that it was badly written, and sends out the wrong message to young girls everywhere.  You may disagree with me, and that’s fine.  Don’t think you can convert me though and I’ll give you six very good reasons why I can’t be swayed! (WARNING: THIS POST IS FULL OF ANTI-TWILIGHT COMMENTS AND SPOILERS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE THAT HAS NOT READ THE BOOKS AND ACTUALLY WANTS TO OR BY ANYONE THAT TAKES THE SERIES TOO SERIOUSLY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) Read more of this post


Automatic Disqualification for Sainthood.

I read an article Wednesday about a letter that was found defending one of the more prominent Catholic Priests that preyed on young boys, written by another clergy member.  Not surprising was that the author had more concern for the church’s reputation than the victims and was pushing for the priest to be brought back to work with families and spread the word of God.  Not surprising, until you look at the details and realize that the letter, which was not signed, still contains details that point to the identity of the author being none other than Mother Teresa. Read more of this post