Manic Monday: DIY Fountain and a Fractured Wrists!

Welcome to my first ever Manic Monday posting!  I thought I’d start us off with a nice DIY because I love doing crafty stuff like this so much!

As far as more ideas for finishing that off, you may want to wait until all the clay is dry again before using the silicone sealer since moisture can cause issue with it adhering to the surface.  But you didn’t come here for a craft project, did you?  Well… Read more of this post


Divinity Games: Shirt-bound

Not exactly sure what chapter this is yet, but it must be made digital, because I’m not going to loose this scene.  I’ve been sitting with this in my Drafts for forever and decided I needed to air it out.  I’m even going to take the password off of it for a little while *gasp!*.  Warning, it does have some sexual themes in it that are not appropriate for anyone under the age of eighteen (or whatever age is appropriate for those things. Use your good judgment.) If you are offended by those types of things, I would suggest you not read this.  You have been warned. Read more of this post


*sigh* Here we go again… Read more of this post

I Hate to Nitpick…but Seriously…

I get forwarded e-mails all the time, and some I read, some  I dump cause I just don’t have the time to go through every single one…However, there’s one that I’ve gotten many times, and recently I thought, “Now, how true is this?”

After this previous year of people fact checking every single word the Political candidates said, I’ve started to wonder just how much of the things we share are accurate.  Is that picture really a picture of soldiers guarding the Nameless tombs during a hurricane or some other time when it was really rainy?  Is that picture of the hurricane about to hit New York the real thing, or is it Photoshop?  Well, the forwarded e-mail claims to be a copy of something Ben Stein said on a Sunday Morning News Program on CBS.  However, when you start to read it, there are hints that maybe the e-mail was just someone writing an e-mail, bemoaning the fact that the world is going to crap because God is being pushed out of the country and that if you agree, send the message on, but if not, no one will know that you didn’t…Am I the only one that read that and thought that if he’s talking on CBS about Holiday confessions, why is he now ranting on God not being in schools, and why the heck would he tell the viewers to “pass the message on”?  It seemed fishy. Read more of this post

Meaty Reads! This One’s Short, but the Book Isn’t!

I started reading from a trilogy by Jacqueline Carey .  The first book in this trilogy is called Kushiel’s Scion.  Technically it is actually a series and this particular book is number four in it, but the books before this one were centered around Phedre, and the next three have Imriel as the main character.  I’m still on the first book, and it’s quite meaty.  I usually eat up books, but this one is so large it’s taking me several days to read through it, that and life does demand I pull away for a while and do stuff.  If you’re interested in checking them out, I would greatly recommend you start with Kushiel’s Dart.  They are all mostly stand alone books, however there is so much in the other books and you get to fall in love with characters in all of them.  Of course I always suggest you start from the beginning of a series nine times out of ten, but I’m a lover of the background and growth of characters.  I will warn you though, Jacqueline Carey is an in depth writer, and her books are extremely hefty!

Automatic Disqualification for Sainthood.

I read an article Wednesday about a letter that was found defending one of the more prominent Catholic Priests that preyed on young boys, written by another clergy member.  Not surprising was that the author had more concern for the church’s reputation than the victims and was pushing for the priest to be brought back to work with families and spread the word of God.  Not surprising, until you look at the details and realize that the letter, which was not signed, still contains details that point to the identity of the author being none other than Mother Teresa. Read more of this post

Sad Times Indeed

It’s time for another blog.  I’m going to talk shop.  And when I say shop, I mean the greenhouse, and making flower arrangements. Read more of this post

The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton

Took a little break from writing the reviews.  Sorry bout that, but here it is my review of The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton, book six of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.  It was originally published in 1997 by Ace Books and is 387 pages long.  Later, it was featured as the third book in Midnight Cafe.  It takes place after the events of Bloody Bones, and before the events of Blue Moon.  For anyone not familiar with the series it is vampire fiction with a smacking of police procedural mystery, and lots of yummy steamy tension too!  The copy is on loan, and I have not been compensated to write a favorable review in any way.  Just as a refresher, I do this for the joy of going through the series again and though I’ve slowed down recently, I will finish all 20+!  But for now… Read more of this post

Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

Still just the tip of the iceberg in the Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter series!  This time I’m reviewing Bloody Bones, number five in the series published by Ace Books in 1996, and also published in the anthology called The Midnight Cafe with the fourth and sixth books.  It’s 370 pages long and set five weeks after the events of The Lunatic Cafe.  For those of you just starting to read this, the copy was my own (though not that cover up there, which was the original print) and I have not been given any compensation for a favorable review.  I feel like a broken record… Read more of this post

Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the third book of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton called Circus of the Damned. It was published by Ace in 1995 is 329 pages long, and takes place two months after the events of The Laughing Corpse.  It was also featured in an anthology with the first two books called Club Vampyre.  The copy is on loan, and I have been given no compensation for a favorable review other than my pleasure of knowing that I’m putting my opinions out there where everyone that cares to read it would be able to see it.  So, we all clear? On to the review!

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