Rewarding Loyalty2: 1NS

***MAJOR DISCLAIMER*** What you are about to read is the continuation of 1NS pt.1 that I wrote and posted over a year ago.  I found the pieces of it and am completing it as we speak.  This is not appropriate reading material for anyone under the age of 18!  Some inappropriate language is used, and depictions of explicit sexual activities between two relative strangers occur in a semi public place.  This is a work of fiction, a bit of fantasy if you will, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.  I do realize it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, if this is the case, turn away now before your minds are corrupted!  By pressing the read more button, and or continuing to read this post you are agreeing to the fact that you are indeed over the age of 18 and not easily offended by any of the above mentioned things therefore waving all right to complain and or get angry.

Thank you all, and enjoy!

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Rewarding Loyalty: 1NS

Well, I’m sure a lot of you thought I fell off the face of the Earth!  I took a gander at my site stats for last year and my cable car only needed 8 trips! I think I could count the number of posts on both my hands, which is sad.  So, I’m resolving to come back, with less bitching, and more rewards for my favorite people!  How, you may ask? Well with yummy writing!  You’ve been hearing me talking about being a writer, writing stories, getting characters right, being inspired by stuff to think up new plot ideas, but in the end, only a select few that know the password have gotten to actually see what I’ve done.  Last year, even they didn’t get any.  I’ve been a stingy little….

So, I want to give you all something to enjoy!  For those of you not familiar with my work though, you get one warning: it’s not for everyone.  If you’re not mature enough to say “penis” without giggling, for the love of God read my stuff! I mean, no! Don’t! Don’t read my stuff!  But seriously, I tend to swim in the gutter at times (all the time), so if you are squeamish about sex you may not want to read my stuff on principal. The rest of you freaks my feel welcome to read it and tear it down.

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Two Months of Writing Prompts: Day Eight

Well, this writing prompt was very specific and yet simple.  The generator used was the one that I wasn’t at first in love with, and to be honest I’m not quite sure if I’m totally taken with it but when I pressed the button for my first randomly generated prompt I got this: <200-300 Words, Porno, Sushi> Needless to say, this may be a little mature of a prompt for anyone to read, but I’ll tell you right now, for a proper scene, it takes me roughly a thousand words-ish.  But I tried to keep this one short.  We’ll see.  Read more of this post

I Lied, You Know I Did…

Here’s the thing.  I’ve had some crappy experiences in my love life.  Some really crappy experiences!  Not to say I’ve been an angel in the world of love, I’ve had my moments of infidelity that I’m not proud of, and my moments of not caring that I was the other woman.  That one is almost justifiable, though.  He’d been seeing her on the sly while dating me, and when we broke up, the roles became reversed.  So, yeah I didn’t give a fuck that the stupid bitch was getting the same medicine.  Still not a proud moment.  This here is my confession time about all those suck ass moments in my romantic life, either where I lied, or they did.  Either way, it’s all torrid and names have been changed to protect the guilty, except for me…wait, no.  I will now be Bob!

These go in no particular order except for the lie that I remembered which inspired this post…ready? You better be cause there’s more language!

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Protected: A Tidbit From Revolution

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