Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 10

So, how bout that major sports team? Heard they’re not doing so major this year.

Seriously though, sometimes I don’t even know how to take my own writing.  1NS is like a fevered dream.  Quick and dangerously hot, but now that I’m nearly done with it I’m feeling a little disappointed.  It’s just so short, and I want there to be more of it!  I did finish writing up what I had on paper and transferring it onto the computer last night, so I’m one more step towards that final goal.  There’s one part in it that needs a little more writing to connect the pieces together, and then I just need to finish out the ending.  Page count on my Open Office program as it stands has it at thirteen pages with size twelve Times New Roman font.  So, maybe I’ll end up with twenty to twenty-tree pages?  Since I’m going to try to market it, I might not post the ending here.  I’m still debating on that.  I mean on one hand I’m not sure if I’d have enough pages to market it at all, and in that case I’ll have to bust my hump to finish off Vertigo since it’s the next closest to completion and then maybe another short story that I’ll write and try to sell them all together as a small short story collection?  I guess we’ll see.  If I do have enough content to put 1NS out there alone, then I won’t have to worry about all that.  Besides, I’ll want to let it sit a little, then go back at it with my Little Editor Beth who I kept back with a choke-collar to keep her from stopping my forward momentum.

Well, now that I’ve got that out of my system lets get on to a writing prompt, shall we?  So, what do we have for us today? Day 10 is: What was your favorite childhood toy? *blinks* nope! that’s not awkward at all!  Ah well! Let’s get started, shall we? Read more of this post

Once More With Feeling Writing Prompts: Day 6

I’ll start this post by wishing my older sister a happy birthday.  We may not talk, but she’s still my sister.  Funny how one decides to not talk to me, and the other comes back into my life.  Also, interestingly enough, today’s prompt is more of a thoughtful post as well, and will be more journal like. Instead of dwelling on the bullheadedness of the people I’m related to, I’m going to focus on today’s prompt which asks the question: Who do you want to be when you are 40? (Or 50 or 60, etc. if you are already 40) Read more of this post


I’m posting this as if I wrote it in the early AM before going to sleep, when in reality I was writing it on a notebook from the beginning of Saturday, but didn’t make it to the computer because of Family Movie Night and Living Room Camp Out!  I’ll write about those in a bit but first, what I was to post for my “Saturday” post! Read more of this post

Luke, I’m Your Sister?

Okie, I’m going to let my geek flag fly today.  I’ve been searching the internet galaxy for a “deleted” scene.  I’ve seen pictures that may or may not have been Photoshop’ed and I’ve come up not with what I was searching for, but it prompted me to write this post.  I am talking about a scene in The Empire Strikes Back in which Luke and Leia “make out”.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you have been living under a rock, that’s all I got to say, and for those of you that do know who I’m talking about, don’t judge.  Just hear me out I have some things that I want to say from a writer’s standpoint.  Read on if you’re game!

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Mr. Darcy’s Obsession by Abigail Reynolds

I came across a free eBook called Mr. Darcy’s Obsession by Abigail Reynolds and was intrigued.  It is a retelling of the story of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  In this story, Elizabeth is even more unsuitable for Mr. Darcy, having lost her father and is near to impoverished.   Read more of this post

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Challenge #3 – Mystery Guest

On your birthday, instead of buying you a gift, your best friend has invited a mystery guest to your place for dinner. You’re stunned when you learn who it is.  Write about your experience with this guest in 250 words (or less).

It’s my birthday and everyone is here except Cynthia, my best friend number one.  Rachel, best friend number two, told me she was running a little late with my present, so I wasn’t worried.

When she arrived, instead of holding a gift, she brought my little sister Crystal.  She’d gained weight, but haven’t we all, and she was still barely five feet tall, but there was something else about her that gave her a down-on-her-luck kind of look.  I could only assume it had to do with the “boyfriend” she’d been living with for the past few years.

She didn’t smile, in fact she looked grouchy.  Cynthia couldn’t have forced her to come, she was too nice for that, so Crystal had to have traveled the eight-hour car ride of her own free will.  As I had no idea she was coming, I took offence to her attitude.  So, I asked her why she’d come.

It would seem that she’d left the dirt-bag that had been keeping her away from the family, and he’d threatened her and her two girls.  They were standing behind their mother, Olivia and Melanie.  Melanie I’d only seen once in person, when she was already four years old.  They looked up at me with large eyes, luminous with fear.  My home was as far away as Crystal could think to go.  I didn’t even need her to ask me, despite past treatment, I welcomed her and her children with open arms.