Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 3 Leia and Rian’s Directing

I’m sure I really don’t need to say this, but I’ll be damned if I get labeled a filthy spoiler of our sacred Sci-Fi Fairytale!  So, for those of you that aren’t aware, this post is full of Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi Spoilers, this time focusing on Leia *obviously*!

Okay! So as the title suggest, I’m focusing on our favorite Space Princess, and honestly I couldn’t do many parts of a review without mentioning her, don’t you think?

Good! Let’s get started!

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Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 2 Ach-too and Luke

So, I promised myself I wouldn’t just focus on the Rey/Kylo Ren dynamic, but I couldn’t talk about it for one paragraph and feel satisfied.  However, I don’t want everyone to think I loved the movie so much because of my ship sailing, and I don’t care if it turns in to a pleasure cruise or the Titanic!

Actually, I’d like to address other parts of the story that may not have initially sat too well with me, as well as those that I thought were great, and perhaps talk myself out of my initial knee-jerk reactions.  This particular post is going to center more around Luke and some of the things we encounter on Ach-too.  Again, this is going to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you really shouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled…



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Not All White Men Are Racist Misogynists But…

*Spoilers for The Last Jedi Ahead* So, this will be short and sweet. Reading an article and more and more I hear about how the movie was “so flawed” I start to think, was it really? Then I find this article:

Why So Many Men Hate the Last Jedi But Can’t Agree on Why

I don’t do Re-posts often, but I think this article deserves it.

Keep it classy people, and may the force be with you!

Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 1 Reylo

Okay, this is long overdue, not only because I haven’t done a blog post in forever, but also getting to talk about the new Star Wars move The Last Jedi.  For those of you that don’t want anything spoiled, right now is your cue to read ANYTHING ELSE in my blog.  ***SPOILER WARNING*** I will freely write about everything and anything that comes to my mind regarding the story and what I think may happen next.  You all still with me?  Wait…wait…one more warning.  ***REYLO WARNING*** I will be discussing the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey, and will do it mostly in a fan-girly way so be warned, if the thought of them together in most likely a romantic sense disgusts you, you may want to go find another blog post as well, because you are absolutely going to hate just about everything I talk about in this post.  I am open to a healthy debate though.

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Is Max Landis right in calling Rey a Mary Sue? Warning: this post is filled with spoilers!!!


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On Fan Fiction Stories

I’ve realized that most of my recent posts have been either private or password protected, so I thought I’d give some of you something to read.  I don’t even know why I made the Harry Potter Fan-fiction password protected other than the fact that it had mature content, and I’d rather not have someone’s mother angry at me.  I’ve been looking at my older journals and finding story bits that I put in there, which is why the Fan-fiction came out.  I have a small bit of fan-fiction in my arsenal because who hasn’t read a book and thought “What if?”.  There are sites out there, my favorite being FanFiction.net .  In there you can find all sorts of fan-fiction, from popular movies, TV series, Cartoons, Comics, Books, and famous literature, even crossovers!  But anyway, here I go, writing about fan-fiction and how I feel about what I find.


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Don’t F****ing Jinx It!!!

Want to know irony?  Writing in your blog about how your playlist works, then the player craps out days later.  We’ve learned two lessons: 1. don’t jinx it!, 2. research the electronic gadget you want to purchase .  Just wanted to share that little bit.  I have a new mp3 player and am working on familiarizing myself with how to make it do the stuff I want it to.  I didn’t lose my music, the thing is just useless for playing music anymore.  Silver lining: I don’t worry about my toddler breaking it while taking pictures…take all the pictures you want and touch that screen!  Go ahead! Can’t make it work much less right?  That’s all I had to say though.  I want to get back to working on the player and playlists, maybe even play a little Star Wars: the Old Republic before I have to pick up my boy.

Updates, Cause I can (AKA: Bad Day Monday!)

Today’s is going to be a personal post.  I wanted to take a little break from teas, though I have several that I’ve already sampled and need to type up.  Still, I just wanted to talk about stuff this time.  There were a couple of points this month where I didn’t post when I said I’d try to post more, and I’ll get into that in a bit.  Basically this is my what’s been going on, what haven’t I been writing about that I said I would, etc. post.  Feel free to use this post as you alternative to Ambien.  I promise the only side effect is my tendency to have Zombie Dreams may be contagious over the net…I don’t know, but I thought it would be safe to put the warning out there. Read more of this post


I’m posting this as if I wrote it in the early AM before going to sleep, when in reality I was writing it on a notebook from the beginning of Saturday, but didn’t make it to the computer because of Family Movie Night and Living Room Camp Out!  I’ll write about those in a bit but first, what I was to post for my “Saturday” post! Read more of this post

Screenshot Master!

I haven’t gone to bed just yet, so technically for me this is still the fourth…in fact, if I post something in the early a.m.  it’s usually that I haven’t gone to bed yet.  Just so you know.  I wrote blog bits all over the place today, and yet I feel no need to go and grab them so I can copy them down here.  Basically, I was just fussing about how the resolution I thought would go to the wayside is actually being kept better than the other.  Truthfully it’s just too early to tell.  Even if I were to weigh myself Saturday and it would look like I’d gained, it would still be too early to tell!  So, you get a blurb for that thought, and I move on.  I know what you all want…Star Wars.  Well as far as the story is concerned, I’m still fleshing it out on paper.  What I can give you is screen shots!   Read more of this post