WMHB Chapter 2: A.K.A. Show & Tell

When I originally started reviewing this chapter it took me several days to recover.  I am nothing if not a masochistic book reader, hence the category.  So, here I come back to inflict some more agony upon myself, and to share it with those of you willing to read my own personal tripe.  I mean, lets be honest, I’m criticizing her for the horrid work she published, but when will I ever put my money where my mouth is?  Hold that thought!

This one was tough to get through.  I mean I’m starting to think that it may take me more than a week to finish the next one, with how hard this one was.  Just a warning, your entertainment may not come every week on schedule.  Guess you’ll just have to enjoy my writing prompts instead.

Alright, alright.  I know what you are really here for!  Onward to literary torture!!!

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Protected: The Convention (Sirel’s POV)

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Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

Still just the tip of the iceberg in the Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter series!  This time I’m reviewing Bloody Bones, number five in the series published by Ace Books in 1996, and also published in the anthology called The Midnight Cafe with the fourth and sixth books.  It’s 370 pages long and set five weeks after the events of The Lunatic Cafe.  For those of you just starting to read this, the copy was my own (though not that cover up there, which was the original print) and I have not been given any compensation for a favorable review.  I feel like a broken record… Read more of this post

“Lies, all LIES!” – Frau Farbissina

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Music, Outlines, and You love me! You really love me!

Holy heaven! I just have to say seventy views?  If I could see those people in front of me I’d probably be doing my best to be invisible, but seeing those numbers on the internet is just astounding!  Seventy views yesterday!  I feel like a little attention whore looking at those numbers!  Isn’t it funny how a person that would normally do her best not to be noticed in public, is just wanting to glutton herself on those numbers over and over on the internet?  I try to take a peek at what’s being looked at in my blog every time I log on, but to actually see those numbers just floors me!

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Smooth Jazz

Smooth Jazz was randomly selected for me by my son, it is a dark roasted exclusive blend from the Garner Greenhouse.  The information reads:  Our signature secret blend!  The subtle sweetness of the dark roasted South American Bean accents the funky groove of the Indonesian.  Sweet acidity is well-balanced with the heavy body. Read more of this post

Protected: Dangerous Obsidian: Chapter 1

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Writing Prompt: Shortening Your Story

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This six-word story by Ernest Hemingway is a flash fiction classic. In only eight syllables, there is a myriad of tales and images. Start with 100 words. Write a story of that length, then keep cutting until you get to 20 (or six, if you can manage it). Is your story still intact? Does it still contain the key elements – character, plot, and setting – with which you started? As you cut words, you will have to imply more than you write. In addition to being a way in which to put off whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing, it is also a good exercise in discipline because it makes you hone down your writing, conveying a tale to the reader without crowding your work with unnecessary detail. (I’m posting this in backwards order so you can see where I ended up first, then see where it came from.)

Wanted: Fabled Seventh Child, living siblings optional. (7 words)

* * * * * *

Two people are talking on a couch. One needs a mystic, the other is a seventh child. (17 words)

* * * * * *

“You were the seventh child Elizabeth, we need you.”

“Seventh? Weren’t you good at math?” I scoffed.

He smiled. “You were the fourth to survive your birth, but you were the seventh in your mother’s womb. A seventh child.”

I shifted uncomfortably on the couch. “And that means what?”

“It means a great deal. People forgot that the seventh child is the mystic of the family. That I know you was a stroke of luck.”

“You don’t believe that stuff do you?”

His smile became tender. “I live in that world now, this conversation wouldn’t be happening otherwise.”

(98 words)

* * * * * *

“Elizabeth, we need you,” his eyes never left my own, “Your brother told me that you were the seventh.”

“The seventh? And I thought you were good at math.”

He smiled condecendingly, “You have four surviving siblings, but you were the seventh to pass your mother’s womb. That makes you a seventh child.”

I shifted uncomfortably. Talk of my lost siblings was a touchy subject, even in my dreams. “I still don’t see how that makes me special.”

“It may not mean much to you, but to my friends it means a great deal. It’s very uncommon for a family to get so large. People have forgoten that the seventh child is supposed to become the mystic of the family. That I even know you was a stroke of luck.”

“You don’t really believe that stuff do you?”

His smile became tender. He leaned across the couch so that our faces were just inces away. “I live in that world now, and if you really weren’t the seventh then this conversation wouldn’t be happening.”

I leaned back as far as I could away from Tom. “I’m still under the impression that I’m having a very disturbing dream.” (197 words)

Protected: The End of the World

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AD- Vision of Ugilak

She stood in a white void.  It was a relief to know that she was no longer in the shadow realm, but it disoriented her, the lack of beginning or end.  Alexis didn’t mind that she wore nothing but a long white sleeveless slip, which was almost as unusual as her surroundings.    Also, she had no idea where this was or how she got there, and yet that didn’t seem to bother her either.

A glowing figure approached slowly, holding itself almost regally.  There was no sex, no definition, it was neither young nor old, tall nor short.  It seemed as if it were made of pure balance, like a god, but Alexis was ignorant of which.  She’d never met a God in person, though she talked to her own often, and yet this one felt familiar.  As it came closer its shape began to become more defined.  It’s color seemed to solidify from an iridescent white of all colors to a more green, then to a sickly green.  Then its shape shifted ever so slightly, becoming shorter, stockier and more defined in the silhouette.  By the time it reached her, the androgynous being had turned itself into that of a less smelly goblin.

“I,” it began in a booming clear voice followed by a round of coughing and hacking in which it’s voice became screechy, like nails on a glass window, “Eye ahm Ugilak!”

Alexis furrowed her brow.  She’d never heard of a goblin-looking God named Ugilak before.  “Pardon?”

“Eye ahm Ugilak?” it repeated a little peevishly, “Don yu remember Ugilak?” She shook her head, brow still furrowed.  He sighed, “Mordalz!  Alwayz screwin up ze flow uf dingz ahn nevir remembir anyding!”

Alexis stood quietly while the goblin-thing ranted.  This was by far the strangest thing she’d ever seen.

“Yu kno Bahumad,” it said to the air above him, “i woud be nize if yu woud proviyed chour zervand wid mo dedaled vizonz!” He waited expectantly for a reply, but sighed after a moment and turned back to Alexis.  “Yu’r juz gona ave do druzd Ugilak on diz.  Yu ar gona ned all ze elp yu cahn ged.  Zings ar gona ged a lidle wierder!”

“Okay,” she said still uncertain as to what was going on, and only partially able to understand him.

“Ahm prod zad yu ar ze onz vixing zings ahn nod ze onez mezing dingz up, bud dingz ar aboud to ged worze.  Fade, ze bidch, iz ze one doin ziz.”  Ugilak sighed dramatcily, then nodded to some voice in his head.  “Ze wandz Ugilak do zend yu bag.  Zend mah regadz do de boyz, zond go inzane like lazd dime, ahn good luk!”

He waved her goodbye then make a kicking motion that sent her out of the white place and instantly into a world of pain.  She could only see blurs of color as she fought the pain. It seemed like an eternity before a wave of calm overtook her and sent her into a dreamless sleep.