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Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 3 Leia and Rian’s Directing

I’m sure I really don’t need to say this, but I’ll be damned if I get labeled a filthy spoiler of our sacred Sci-Fi Fairytale!  So, for those of you that aren’t aware, this post is full of Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi Spoilers, this time focusing on Leia *obviously*!

Okay! So as the title suggest, I’m focusing on our favorite Space Princess, and honestly I couldn’t do many parts of a review without mentioning her, don’t you think?

Good! Let’s get started!

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Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 2 Ach-too and Luke

So, I promised myself I wouldn’t just focus on the Rey/Kylo Ren dynamic, but I couldn’t talk about it for one paragraph and feel satisfied.  However, I don’t want everyone to think I loved the movie so much because of my ship sailing, and I don’t care if it turns in to a pleasure cruise or the Titanic!

Actually, I’d like to address other parts of the story that may not have initially sat too well with me, as well as those that I thought were great, and perhaps talk myself out of my initial knee-jerk reactions.  This particular post is going to center more around Luke and some of the things we encounter on Ach-too.  Again, this is going to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you really shouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled…



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Not All White Men Are Racist Misogynists But…

*Spoilers for The Last Jedi Ahead* So, this will be short and sweet. Reading an article and more and more I hear about how the movie was “so flawed” I start to think, was it really? Then I find this article:

Why So Many Men Hate the Last Jedi But Can’t Agree on Why

I don’t do Re-posts often, but I think this article deserves it.

Keep it classy people, and may the force be with you!

Spoilers and Star Wars-ie Goodness Pt. 1 Reylo

Okay, this is long overdue, not only because I haven’t done a blog post in forever, but also getting to talk about the new Star Wars move The Last Jedi.  For those of you that don’t want anything spoiled, right now is your cue to read ANYTHING ELSE in my blog.  ***SPOILER WARNING*** I will freely write about everything and anything that comes to my mind regarding the story and what I think may happen next.  You all still with me?  Wait…wait…one more warning.  ***REYLO WARNING*** I will be discussing the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey, and will do it mostly in a fan-girly way so be warned, if the thought of them together in most likely a romantic sense disgusts you, you may want to go find another blog post as well, because you are absolutely going to hate just about everything I talk about in this post.  I am open to a healthy debate though.

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Etsy Selling & Clover Collecting

I now have an Etsy shop that mostly specializes in four leaf clover items! It all began when my family was flying kites on Easter Sunday this year.  I was watching from a distance and witing in my notebook when I glanced down at the clover and saw what appeared to be a four-leaf clover!  It was actually a five.  Then I saw another one, and another one, and another one, etc.  I did eventually find four-leaf clovers, as well as six and seven-leaf clovers, but as of yet, I’m only selling the fours in my products.

My first sale online was to Spain! Can you believe it? I’ve also sold some of them in person too! My father even got in on the madness and went back to the field with me last week to hunt up some more!

I have other products ready to post to my shop, as well as ideas for more to come that will include using the odd numbered clover! I can’t wait to implement my new ideas! I’m just so excited!  Feel free to check out my shop, it’s called CloverCollector

Well, I best get to bed! I’ll see you on the flip-side!

My Mother’s Day Gift to Myself

Okay, I’m a florist.  As a florist, some days and the days leading up to them are especially busy.  Mother’s Day is one of those days, and I have been trying desperately to keep ahead of that day to my best ability.  That said, it has left me with very little time to devote to the blog, so I’m letting myself off the hook…for now.  I am forgiving myself for slacking, just this once, whether you do or not is up to you guys, but I promise to be back and posting on the next Manic Monday.  Until then, please enjoy a little of my favorite violinist in one of my favorites of her songs, Shadows.

Check out some of her other stuff too! She’s really quite talented and fun to watch!

Stone Rugs? Totally Wicked!

Not going to replace the post I’ve promised you all, but I just had to share this!

Designer Martina Schuhmann has been generating lots of buzz with her amazing, handmade ‘stone rugs’ that are crafted using the wool of llamas, alpacas, sheep and goats. The Vienna-based designer also uses silk for special effects and detailing. Each stone rug is one-of-a-kind and they are available online through her Etsy shop. You can…

via These Stone Rugs are Actually Plush and Squishy — TwistedSifter

Teaser Tuesday: Vertigo

So, here is just the very beginning of Vertigo for my teaser Tuesday.  I’ve posted a little bit of Vertigo here, though it’s so scattered you’d best read from the bottom up, also it’s password protected, so good luck getting into that one for now *winks*.  I also used it to write a previous writing prompt about something it a person’s pocket.  I would have done some more of 1NS if it were longer, but alas it is nearly complete, and I have to leave something for the final product.  There’s nothing naughty in this little bit I’m giving you, although like most of my work it will involve some in later bits.  After 1NS this is the next story I’m looking to finish up.  As far as stories go, they are both pretty short, I think.  So, if I can’t get them to go seperately because of length I’ll try putting them together with possibly a third story.  We shall see.  For now, enjoy a little teaser of Vertigo. Read more of this post

Manic Monday: DIY Fountain and a Fractured Wrists!

Welcome to my first ever Manic Monday posting!  I thought I’d start us off with a nice DIY because I love doing crafty stuff like this so much!

As far as more ideas for finishing that off, you may want to wait until all the clay is dry again before using the silicone sealer since moisture can cause issue with it adhering to the surface.  But you didn’t come here for a craft project, did you?  Well… Read more of this post